A solution that suits

Developing an income-generation strategy starts with identifying what will work best for your school

A routemap for fundraising

It’s been a year of uncertainty, with the only constant being the need to adapt to rapid change. Justin Smith envisions the road ahead, while Jane Hughes looks at how we can learn from others

Find me a fundraiser

More schools are looking to appoint a fundraiser. But what does the role entail and how can you go about finding the right person?

Fundraising stateside

Fundraising is a mainstream activity in US schools, where there is a tradition of philanthropy. Angela Jones looks at what we could learn from across the Atlantic

Make more of your assets

With funding under pressure, schools need to make the most of everything they've got. So take a step back and consider what's possible.

Audit your fundraising

Carrying out a fundraising audit is an effective way to gauge success and identify future income sources. Lindsey Marsh shows you how.

How to plan a fundraising strategy

Taking the time to plan and develop your income generation strategy will pay off sooner than you think, says fundraising expert Sharon Noble