Our community appeals helped us leverage funding for food tech

Showing that you have the backing of your school community in securing match funding or donations will stand you in good stead with grant givers, says Sharon Noble

School fundraising: We've received hundreds of free books

How one school teamed up with the National Literacy Trust to encourage Reading for Pleasure in its students

School grants: Funding libraries and books

How one school was granted £15,000 for their library, plus we take a look at a reading scheme

School gardens: Grow your own orchard

Veolia Orchard offers free fruit trees to schools so that pupils can plant and nurture young saplings to enhance their environment and grow food. Here, we speak to two participating schools

Grants for London schools: John Lyon's Charity increases funding

New opportunities for schools in north and west London to get grants for cultural, trips and holiday enrichment

Meet the grants provider: Music for All

Find out more about the charity's work to support music in schools

Pupil wellbeing: Support for mental health in schools

Joe's Buddy Line offers resources to promote pupils' mental health and wellbeing

Funding for school trips: We raised £6,000 to fund a trip to the seaside

'Our primary used the FundEd grants database to secure funding towards our school trip'

School trip funding: We received a £4,800 grant to take pupils to a West End show

London headteacher Ruby Nasser received funding from the John Lyons Charity to take her pupils to the theatre

Music grants: We got a grant to buy a set of keyboards

How the charity Music for All helped Layfield Primary School enrich its music curriculum

We won a £5,000 grant to create an outdoor classroom and buy equipment

Allendale Primary School in Northumberland told us about their success

We secured grants for outdoor learning and greening our environment

Find out how Ann Edwards CofE Primary School in Cirencester secured grants to fund trips focused on outdoor learning

Focus on local grants 

'We raised £21,845 from local grants to help improve our playground'

Creating a case for support

How one school secured grants from The Wolfson Foundation

Funding a community amphitheatre

How Downlands Community School worked hard to secure funding for its community amphitheatre

Make friends with wildlife

While not strictly a grant, the Nature Friendly Schools project offers free expert support for outdoor learning

One grant leads to another

When applying for grants, it pays to have a demonstrable plan of action – and it's even better if you've already acted on that plan

Access for all

Social mobility is stalling, but one charity is helping pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds get into top universities

Gender equality project

The Leys Primary and Nursery School received £35,000 to set up a gender equality project with schools in Nepal

CIF grants: We used experts to secure £3.7million

A Nottinghamshire MAT achieve its goals thanks to ICS Funding Services

Reading Oasis programme

Nightingale Primary School now has a full library thanks to a £10,000 donation

Supermarket grants

Success with two supermarket grants transformed Stallingborough Primary School's memorial garden

Students visit concentration camp

An £18,880 grant took students from Birmingham to Bergen-Belsen

LGBT+ workshops

Embracing diversity through LGBT+ workshops

Siobhan Dowd Trust

The Siobhan Dowd Trust helped Moorlands Primary Academy restock its library

Biodome project

Severn View Academy received a £10,000 grant to install a biodome and enhance outdoor learning

The #iwill Fund

£3,600 from the #iwill Fund enabled All Saints' CofE Primary School to run an intergenerational project

Spaces that work

The Wolfson Foundation has updated its grants programme, making it easier to access funding for cutting-edge facilities

Meet the funder: Youth Music

Youth Music is a national charity that invests in music-making projects for children and young people

Meet the funder: National Lottery Heritage Fund

The National Lottery Heritage Fund has changed its name and streamlined its grants programme

Meet the funder: Foyle Foundation

Can your library improvements be funded by the Foyle Schools Library Programme?

Meet the funder: Groundwork

Groundwork's grant schemes are helping communities improve their outdoor space

Meet the funder: Siobhan Dowd Trust

The Siobhan Dowd Trust aims to support children and young people whose access to books and stories has been deprived

Meet the funder: Awards for All

Find out more about one of the most prominent funders of school projects

Meet the funder: The Royal Society

The Royal Society has awarded over £1.3m to STEM projects – find out what makes a good application

Meet the funder: Wolfson Foundation

The Wolfson Foundation's Chief Executive explains how The Secondary Education Programme supports new builds, refurbishments or equipment projects related to science, information or communications technology.