Reducing carbon emissions

Funding for the introduction of energy efficiency measures

Teamwork and innovation

Grants for organisations in the North East, promoting teamwork and innovation

Jazz education

The promotion, encouragement and support of jazz education

Educational visits in London

Experiences out of the classroom for pupils in Greater London

Participation in the outdoors

Small grants for school pupils to experience the outdoors

Developing capabilities

The advancement of young people's capabilities

Studying in the US

Funding for underprivileged students to explore studying opportunities in the US

Improving lives or the environment

Supporting new local projects that improve lives or the environment

Mental health

Large awards for partnership projects improving young people's mental health

Cycling equipment

Funding to purchase equipment that overcomes barriers to cycling

Overcoming barriers

Creating the best start in life for disadvantaged children

Addressing local needs

Small grants to drive positive change in local communities

Extra-curricular sport

Helping schools in London develop their offering for extra-curricular sport 

Educating about loan sharks

Funding to raise awareness of the issues of illegal money lending 

Sports funding

A funding boost of up to £2,500 for sporting activities in Scotland 

Supporting children

Supporting children in health, sport, education and the arts

Supporting Service communities

Funding to help mitigate the effects of exceptional mobility in Service communities

Projects open to the public

Education and environment projects open to the public


Small grants for Covid-recovery in the UK

Development of education

Funding up to £10,000 for projects involving the promotion or development of education

Addressing the impact of Covid-19

Small grants for educational projects addressing the impact of Covid-19

Sustainability and ecology projects

Community funding for sustainability and ecology projects on the south coast

Arts projects

Small grants for arts projects in the south west of England

Funding for Christian schools

Capital grants for Christian schools with vision

International placements

Financial assistance for students learning abroad

Financial assistance

Grants for charities working in education, the arts and environment

Improving quality of life

Small grants to realise the potential of disadvantaged young people

Strengthening communities

Community grants for extra curricular activities in schools

Improving community space

Grants of up to £5,000 to help improve community spaces

Repairing community facilities

Small grants to help fix, repair, maintain and improve community facilities

Boosting communities

Small grants to improve the environment and boost wellbeing within communities

Horticulture and art history

Up to £10,000 for projects relating to horticulture, plant sciences and art history

Food sharing

Small grants to support community led food growing, cooking and sharing activity

Improving the landscape

Grants of up to £10,000 for practical projects that improve ecology and landscape

Devon Local Grants

Find links to local grants in Devon

Supporting charities with small grants

Supporting charities with small grants

Advancing education in hospitality

Development of education, training and qualifications within the hospitality industry

Surrey Local Grants

Find links to local grants in Surrey

Alleviating poverty and improving health

Supporting charities who improve the lives of children

West Sussex Local Grants

Find links to local grants in West Sussex

East Sussex Local Grants

Links to smaller grants available in East Sussex

Community funding

Small grants to benefit local communities

Learning and playing music

Small grants to allow access to musical instruments

Learning Mandarin

Funding to help get young people on track to becoming fluent in Mandarin

Breakfast for learners

Nutritious food and advice available to support school breakfast clubs

Making a positive difference

Grants for charities undertaking projects that improve people's lives

Renewable energy

Additional funding for the installation of renewable energy technologies

Academic and practical education

Grants to help young people achieve their full potential

Science teaching

Up to £1,000 to promote the science of microbiology to a wider audience

Supporting schools in Manchester

Up to £3,000 for projects benefitting communities in and around Manchester

Group music-making

Grants between £500 to £3,000 are available for creative music projects


Equipment and training for schools exploring nature

Supporting visual arts

Up to £1,000 for projects relating to local heritage, visual or performing arts

Capital sports projects

Grants of up to £150,000 to fund capital projects that encourage sports.

Maths projects

Up to £800-worth of funding available to stimulate an interest in maths

Maintaining breakfast clubs

Up to £1,000 to help maintain your school breakfast club

Funding organisations

Small grants for community organisations

Healthy eating and sport

Small grants for youth projects promoting healthy eating and physical exercise

Holiday activities

Up to £5,000 for charities or state schools to run holiday activities

Funding for the North East

Small grants for organisations in Northumberland and Tyne & Wear

Benefitting Bristol residents

Grants for schools and charitable organisations working in Bristol

Recognising achievement

Achievement awards for young people and small grants up to £1,000

Teaching Japanese culture

Up to £1,000 for projects that teach and promote Japanese culture

Unlocking children's potential

Grants are available to support exciting projects for disengaged pupils

Exploring the arts

Up to £5,000 for pupils to explore the arts outside the classroom

Engagement in education

Up to £50,000 per annum to support disengaged pupils in schools

RE resources

Funding of up to £600 to support the teaching of Christianity within Religious Education.

Working with young Irish people

Funding for educational, cultural, cross-community and social activities involving young Irish people

Understanding different faiths

Small grants for projects that bring together young people of different faiths

Funding for communities

Funding for communities affected by oil and gas exploration and production

Opportunities for disadvantaged children

Grants of up to £10,000 for projects benefitting disadvantaged young people

Improving quality of life

Up to £5,000 to improve the quality of life of children with special needs.

Tackling youth offending

Funding for one to two year interventions reducing youth offending.

Promoting physics or engineering

Up to £600 available for projects or events linked to physics or engineering

Residential trips

Support for disadvantaged children to take part in residential trips.

Engineering projects

Up to £15,000 is given to fund engineering-based projects in schools

Music-making projects

Up to £300,000 for music projects benefitting disadvantaged young people

Maths activities

Grants of up to £600 are available to fund maths activities in schools

Community grants

Small grants of up to £400 to help charitable organisations.

Celebrating Windrush Day

Funding to celebrate, commemorate and/or educate about the Empire Windrush.

Supporting the disadvantaged

Small grants to support minority groups, those who are disadvantaged or vulnerable

Trees for schools

Free packs of trees available for schools in the UK

Projects in Bedfordshire

Grants to support charitable organisations in Bedfordshire

Alleviating deprivation

Funding for schools in Lambeth to benefit children of limited financial means

Delivering sports activities

Grants for sports clubs and organisations in London to deliver sports activities

World trade

Grants for education and training connected with the advancement of world trade

Small-scale projects

Up to £2,500 for small projects that are hard to fund.

Youth development

Grants of up to £2,000 for the promotion of education in Derbyshire.

Sport and the outdoors

Funding for projects that support disadvantaged young people.

Capital works

From £15,000 to £100,000 for capital building works or equipment.

Community funding

Funding to help young people achieve, and be the best they can

Holidays and trips

Funding for young people with special needs to have a break away from home

Residential trips in Scotland

Funding for groups of disadvantaged young people to stay in youth hostels in Scotland

Raising aspirations

Small grants for charities working with disadvantaged young people

Community grants

Community grants for organisations based in Northern Ireland

Hellenic studies

Small grants for projects and events relating to Greek language and culture

Specialist equipment

Equipment grants of up to £5,000 to benefit disadvantaged children

Library provision

Providing library resources for the benefit of underprivileged children.

Music equipment

Up to £1,500 awarded to fund musical instruments, equipment or CPD.

School partnerships

Up to £10,000 for UK schools working in partnership with schools in Germany.

Academy growth and development

Up to £310,000 to support the growth and development of academy trusts.

Addressing local issues

Supporting projects in areas of extreme urban deprivation, or fragile rural communities

Water dispensers

£300 to £3,000 available to fund the installation of water dispensers

Capital projects in Dorset

Supporting causes in East Dorset, 'no scheme is too big or too small'.

Disabled children

Funding for organisations and projects that work with disabled children

Encouragement of educational work

Small grants for specific projects that address educational needs

Grants for organisations

Grants for charitable organisations working in the UK.

Funding registered charities

Grants for UK registered charities for charitable purposes

Promoting heart health

Up to £10,000 for innovative projects that promote heart health

History and archaeology

Promoting the study of history and archaeology in Lancashire and Cheshire

Supporting wildlife projects

Funding from £250 to £500 to protect wildlife and the environment

Supporting the environment

Funding of up to £25,000 for community projects in West London

Supporting schools in London

Up to £20,000 is available to support disadvantaged children in Hammersmith & Fulham

Funding for recreational trips

Up to £2,500 for recreational trips that benefit disadvantaged children

Supporting schools in the North

Up to £2,000 available to improve the lives of young people in the North East

Hockey and equipment training

Awards of between £100 and £1,200 to encourage pupils to play hockey

Breakfast clubs

Funding and donated bread available to give children a nutritious start to the school day

Support for local people

Up to £10,000 for improving the facilities and services available to the people of Glasgow

Funding for schools in Belfast

Up to £3,000 for community and sport projects in Belfast schools

Extra-curricular activities

Up to £5,000 is available to support young people in extra-curricular activities

Encouraging appreciation of the arts and science

Up to £10,000 of funding for science or arts outreach/community projects

Capital projects

Funding towards capital, core and/or project costs

Tree planting

Funding for schools to purchase and plant trees in their grounds.

Community projects

Up to £1,500 available for local community projects across the UK.

Improving teaching in STEM

Bursaries and partnership funding for schools to improve teaching of STEM subjects.

Funding for charities

Up to £3,000 for projects benefiting children through education and/or welfare.

Enabling active lifestyles

Funding over three years for improving mental health by enabling active lifestyles.

Supporting learning

Funding for schools and education in Sussex.

Benefitting people in Northamptonshire

From £100 to £5,000 for charities in Northamptonshire.

Creating places for sport

Up to £100,000 to create or improve places for sport or physical activity in Scotland

School libraries

Funding for projects that develop school library and information services

Energy efficiency

Small grants for local projects in Ireland focussing on energy efficiency and sustainability

Making a difference

Improving welfare, quality of life, opportunities and life choices

Community projects in Leicestershire

Grants of up to £25,000 to benefit the residents of Leicestershire

For the love of reading

Up to £1,000 for books, from your school's local independent bookseller

Providing opportunities for young people

Improving quality of life in the City of Sunderland and County Durham.

Improving lives

£1,000 to £3,000 to improve the lives of people in West and North Yorkshire.

Public engagement in science

Funding of up to £15,000 for novel public engagement science programmes

Creating social change

Up to £15,000 for charities working with marginalised groups

Funding football facilities

Grants for improving grassroots football facilities within communities

Supporting and promoting education

Up to £3,000 for educational projects in the south east

Equipment funding

Small grants for furniture and/or equipment benefitting young people aged 16-25

Outdoor learning

Funding for outdoor learning courses for disadvantaged children

Funding for education

Up to £3,000 for education and environmental projects benefitting local communities

Geography expeditions and fieldwork

Small grants to encourage an interest in field studies in schools

Library-enhancement and arts projects

Grants awarded for arts, literacy and library-enhancement projects

School improvement

Emergency funding for schools facing unexpected or imminent failure

Enhancing quality of life

Up to £100,000 for building work or specialist equipment at Special Schools

Backing charities

Small donations and larger grants for charities benefitting society

Raising attainment

Large grants for scalable projects that raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils

Developing arts and education

Funding for charities to promote literature, music and theatre in schools

Science and gardening projects

Grants for primary schools to promote the teaching of science and gardening

Funding for East Midlands schools

Grants of up to £2,000 for community and wildlife projects in the East Midlands

Local environmental initiatives

Funding for environment and education projects in Edinburgh schools

Arts and commerce projects

Funding provided to smaller organisations for arts and commerce projects

Learning from the land

Grants awarded to encourage children to learn from the land

Digital technologies

Up to £5,000 to provide innovative and digitally creative activities for children

Funding local communities

Up to £1,000 for local communities to improve their surroundings

Wheelchair tennis

Part-funding for wheelchairs and grants of up to £1,500

Japanese culture and language

Grants of up to £15,000 for promoting interaction between the UK and Japan

The study of music

Apply for £8,500 of funding available for music scholarships or workshops

Innovative teaching

Up to £25,000 for a project that demonstrates innovative teaching.

Improving sports facilities

£1,000 to £150,000 for improving existing or developing new sports facilities.

Equipment and experiences

Between £1,000 and £10,000 for projects in Hull and East Yorkshire

Improving quality of life

Grants of up to £10,000 for disabled and disadvantaged pupils.

Supporting good causes

Grants for community events and schools within the Home Counties and Thames Valley.

Funding capital projects

Up to £25,000 to support capital projects or core costs of charitable organisations.

Raising attainment

Establishing or developing projects to raise attainment in low income areas.

Funding sports equipment

Collect sponsorship to inspire pupils' enthusiasm for sport in schools.

Participation in sport

Up to £10,000 is available for projects that encourage sports participation

Engagement in STEM

An annual award of £1,000, or possibly £6,000, for STEM engagement projects.

Engineering, science and maths

Funding engineering projects for young people in the North East

Funding schools in Kent

Up to £10,000 for projects benefitting young people in East Kent.

Supporting charities in the North

Up to £10,000 to support charities and communities in the North East.

Classical music and heritage

Up to £5,000 of funding for classical music training or heritage crafts skills.

Participation in rowing

£500 to £3,000 to increase young people's participation in rowing.

STEM projects

Awards of up to £3,000 are given to support STEM through partnerships

Improving sports facilities

Up to £3,000 provided for the building and improvement of school sports facilities.

Teaching Roman studies

Up to £600 offered to promote the teaching of Latin and Roman studies in schools

Geography teaching

Grants of £1,000 for innovative teaching and imaginative geography resources.

School science shows

Grants for science shows and associated teacher CPD

Assisting disadvantaged youth

Grants for equipment, refurbishment or building projects benefitting SEN children.

Match funding

Up to £1,000 for good causes in the UK.

Education in the arts

Small grants to advance the education of young people in the arts.

Improving quality of life

From £250 to £5,000 for projects that enable young people to be active or gain skills.

Arts-based teaching

Up to £150,000 for partnerships of schools and arts organisations.

Pathways to education, training & employment

Funding to help disadvantaged and disengaged young people aged 16 and over

Grants for registered charities

Small grants for registered charities covering a wide range of charitable objectives

Grass-roots projects

Small grants of up to £5,000 for community-based projects in the UK

Supporting schools in Nottingham

Funding is available to support educational and recreational facilities

Supporting disadvantaged children

Funding for sports activities and other projects benefiting disadvantaged young people.

Workshops with writers

Funding to reduce the cost of workshops with published writers and storytellers.

Youth activities

Grants of £3,000 to £5,000 for youth activities in East Sussex

Community funding

Grant funding for not-for-profit organisations benefitting local communities

Assistance for individuals

Small grants for individuals to assist with the cost of trips and tuition

Rural communities

£1,000, £2,500 or £5,000 for projects that benefit rural communities

Improving lives

Grants for capital projects to benefit disadvantaged young people

Capital funding

Capital funding available to academies and sixth form colleges

Classical projects

Small grants for classical projects in all parts of the UK

Supporting good works

Grants available for organisations based in, or benefitting, Yorkshire

Specialised equipment

Providing specialised equipment to children with disabilities in the North East of England

Special projects

Small grants of £500 to £1,000 for projects that support diversity and inclusion

Supporting community groups

Small grants for community groups, voluntary organisations and local charities


Up to £15,000 for introducing classics to children at primary and secondary schools

Funding schools in Northern England

Small grants to fund community projects in schools in the North of England.

Developing cycling activity

Funding for equipment packages to encourage involvement in cycling

Small grants for schools

Monetary donations of up to £200 for schools in England and Wales

International school visits

Up to £15,000 for educational school trips abroad for secondary school pupils

Health, development and wellbeing

Up to £600,000 for projects promoting the health, development and wellbeing of young people

Help for the hearing impaired

Small grants for advancing the education of young people with hearing impairments

Improving children's development

Grants for educational, sporting or cultural activities that improve children's development

Special educational needs

Funding for institutions providing facilities for children with special educational needs

International collaboration

Up to £35,000 to develop partnerships with schools in other countries

Capital projects

Funding for capital projects and specialised equipment in special schools

Aiding those with learning disabilities

Grants from £250 upwards to support those affected by learning disabilities

Supporting schools in Bristol

Grants of up to £5,000 for community projects in the Bristol area

Community projects in Birmingham

Grants of up to £3,000 for community projects in the Birmingham area

Funding for pupils in Birmingham

Up to £1,000 available to support small projects in Birmingham

Funding for science activities

Up to £1,000 towards British Science Week events and activities

Supporting disadvantaged children

Up to £40,000/year for projects benefitting disadvantaged children in the UK

Physics teaching and learning

Funding over five years for partnerships of schools promoting physics

Social & community projects

Up to £2,000 for social and community projects in Wales

Building communities

£1,000 to £15,000 for building communities and helping people to flourish

Armed forces integration

Up to £10,000 to remove barriers and integrate armed forces families

Transforming communities

Funding awards for local causes improving lives and spaces

Science equipment

£600 for primary schools or £1,000 for secondary schools for science equipment

Supporting the armed forces

Up to £10,000 to bring the community together and support the armed forces

Natural history

An annual grant-award for study related to natural history or the environment

Community projects

Funding for schools to revitalise the local environment and support local communities

Promoting heritage in the UK

From £3,000 to £5million to connect people to national, regional or local heritage

Supporting rural communities

Grants for initiatives to advance the education of young people in rural areas

Promoting vegetarianism

Up to £2,000 to celebrate and promote vegetarian food

Grants for community projects

Up to £50,000 for community projects gathered from donors via crowdfunding

Appreciation of ecology

Grants to promote education and a better understanding of the countryside.

The great outdoors

Funding for disadvantaged young people to develop an interest in outdoor pursuits

Funding for the Arts

Up to £100,000 of funding available for projects and trips that engage children in the arts

Promoting relations with Japan

Small grants for promoting education in Japanese culture, society

Molecular bioscience

Up to £1,000 is available to communicate the excitement of molecular bioscience to young people

Chemistry awareness

Grants of up to £10,000 for activities in the field of chemistry

Environmental projects

Environmental, conservation and renewable energy projects throughout the UK.

Supporting education

Small grants for the education of young people in the London Borough of Southwark

The science of ecology

Up to £2,000 for projects that engage audiences with the science of ecology

Projects in inner London

Grants to benefit young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in inner London.