The trickle-in effect

Setting up passive income streams will keep funds flowing into your school

Promoting your campaign

The key to crowdfunding success is getting lots of people to pledge - identify supporters and plan your strategy

A guide to giving

More schools are setting up regular-giving schemes, where supporters donate monthly amounts towards improvement projects

Build a support base

Building a support base - core team, influencers and donors - will ensure the success of your campaign

The art of regular giving

Fundraising is not always about fireworks. Sometimes it's the quiet opportunities for regular donations that provide that all-important steady income stream for schools

The Rewards Guide

Offer rewards to your crowdfunding supporters as an incentive to encourage them to dig a little deeper

How to create the perfect project page

How to craft a compelling and effective campaign page

Crowdfunding dos & don'ts

These essential tips will help you create a successful campaign

Campaign schedule

Allow time to plan and prepare, recruit support, launch and engage donors and finish your campaign successfully