Partners in funding

Working with others across your school can generate additional income and project buy in

Our PTA and school funded a library

We transformed how we work with our school to fund a new library, says PTA chair Yvonne Cole

Work better with your PTA

A good relationship with your PTA is a win-win for school fundraising, so how can you help recruit and retain volunteers, asks school development manager and PTA chair Sharon Noble

Eco partners at work 

How a Welsh primary school transformed its site after vandals struck

A strategic approach to lettings

Building good relationships is the cornerstone of lettings success

Benefits for all

Team up with local businesses – and everyone wins

People power

View volunteering as an opportunity for supporters to connect and feel good

Building bridges

How schools are increasingly working together to share resources, cut costs and enrich their offer

A catalyst for partnerships

How a £5,000 grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry funded a multi-school project to monitor air pollution

The rewards of nurturing your PTA

Instead of taking your Parent Teacher Association for granted, try appreciating it as an invaluable asset

Building a buzz around bees

How one West Yorkshire primary school created a honeycomb of partnerships around beekeeping

Forging connections with the local community

The Cotswold School's focus on building relationships with its community is paying off

Art in action

How Estcots Primary School got the whole school community involved in a collaborative art project

Your school needs you!

When it comes to boosting dwindling funds, donations of money and material items are clearly important, but people giving their time is equally valuable

The necessity of networking groups

Benefit from mutual support and cost-saving collaborations