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We support income generation and provide the inspiration and expertise needed to run successful fundraising campaigns. So, whether you want to secure a grant, develop a regular giving campaign, plan a fundraising strategy, or access business support, FundEd is here to help.

We offer the following support.

The FundEd website is packed with information, advice, and practical support for all schools, whether developing a strategy, building a support base or promoting campaigns.

Case studies and back issues of our magazine provides inspiration and help evidence what can be achieved and our ‘school fundraising guide’ includes a free tool kit form the IDPE. 

Our complementary service, PTA+ provides access to local grants, and a complete A to Z of how to organise successful fundraising events.

FundEd Plus+ £30 pa

This provides access to the UK’s leading grants database for schools. Search by, region, category, or key stage, and If there is a grant available for your school, you will find it here.

The grants database is continually updated and includes over £14 million worth of grants.

FundEd Plus+ includes:

  • Access to the School Grants Database
  • Termly funding alert and newsletters
  • Hard copies of the FundEd Magazine
  • Ask FundEd – our experts are always on hand to answer queries.
  • Unlimited access across all school staff

Sign up to FundEd Plus+ online.


FundEdAssistant - Project Review Package – £350     

Support for schools who need additional services to deliver fundraising projects – the package includes: 

  • Expert appraisal and review of your fundraising project
  • Support and guidance with your fundraising strategy
  • Review of available grants and application guidance
  • Review grant application prior to sending
  • Ongoing support as the project progresses


FundEdAssistant - Full Strategy Review & Ongoing Funding Support

£500 + 5% of funds raised

Contact info@funded.org.uk for more details on our FundEdAssistant packages. 


Read what other people have to say about FundEd:

  • 'What a brilliant resource FundEd is! For the first time in one place, you can access numerous different ideas on how to gain extra resources for your school. I found it really inspiring to read about what other schools have fundraised for and how they achieved their goals. My life in these times of school funding austerity just got a whole lot easier – thank you FundEd!' Jo Marchant, Strategic Business Leader, Meadowfield School, Kent and Fellow of NASBM


  • ‘As a Business Manager for a large school, the pull on my financial resources is huge and I need to be creative in finding extra funding. FundEd stimulates that creative thinking through showcasing a variety of fundraising ideas and initiatives and by sharing innovative practice from schools in similar situations. It’s a wonderful new resource.' Robbie Garner, Business Manager, Mark Rutherford School, Bedford


  • 'I keep all the FundEd magazines; they are a great income generation reference library. Usually with magazines I pull out the articles I want to keep and put the rest in the recycling, but with FundEd I keep the whole magazine.' Hayley Dunn ACCA FISBL, Leadership specialist for the ACSL


  • 'I have found FundEd Magazine to be one of the most useful funding resource tools that SBM’s can have in their top draw. The hints, tips and advice provided by FundEd are second to none and In addition to this, you have the confidence you are working with individuals who understand the business of education and can target the advice perfectly. I highly recommend it to all educational establishments, the first bit of advice that you use will repay your school tenfold!' Russell Dalton FNASBM, Finance and Business Director, Pershore High School