A new easy-to-use online marketplace for your second-hand school uniform, offering a huge fundraising opportunity for your school.

Uniformerly was created by parents, as a lockdown initiative, recycling outgrown school uniform across the UK.

Uniformerly is a new school uniform marketplace that enables your PTA to raise funds by selling second-hand school uniform online, exclusively to parents within your school.

By building a like-minded community of parents and schools, they can help parents cut costs and save money, whilst helping schools to raise valuable funds for important projects such as new playground surfaces, reading books, climbing frames, garden projects or any other wish list items your school may have.

The initiative was launched in autumn 2020 and already has hundreds of primary and secondary PTAs, parents and schools using their services; they would love you to be part of the community too!

And the best bit...they’re completely free to use!

Why use Uniformerly?

  • Uniformerly offers a huge fundraising opportunity for your school.

  • A new easy-to-use online marketplace for your second-hand uniform.

  • Put your donated, pre-loved uniform online and raise funds 24/7, no fees, no commission.

  • Parents can also list items directly onto the site, freeing up valuable PTA time, whilst still raising funds for your school through our online donation facility. 

  • Most schools are already listed on the site and ready to use – no set up required. 

  • Payment for items can be made in cash, via PayPal or with any system you currently have running at your school.

  • Join their growing community with members at over 1,000 UK schools. 

  • Every single piece of uniform that’s re-used means one less item going to landfill.

How do I start using Uniformerly for my school?

Click below to join and start using Uniformerly to raise funds for your PTA today - you can be up and running in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea!

Step 1: Go to uniformerly.co.uk/register and fill in your details.
Step 2: Add a free PTA Boost for extra benefits.
Step 3: Start listing your uniform items for sale.
Step 4: Tell your parents about your new online school uniform shop.
Step 5: Simply wait for orders from parents to arrive directly into your inbox.

Get in touch

They're here to make your online uniform shop successful. Uniformerly are confident you won't need their help to get started, but if you do, they’re just a message away...

Get in contact, at info@uniformerly.co.uk