The most user-friendly platform meeting all your PTA needs while actively generating income for your community.

myPTA is a mobile phone application designed to ease the pains of PTAs.

They understand that time is a valuable resource.

They get that your energies are needed in the actual planning and delivery of events.

They see that many PTA processes are long and drawn out.

They know that using several different platforms isn't conducive to community building.

And they believe that all children deserve a fully resourced and fun-filled educational experience, and so myPTA has been built around you and your community’s needs.

Here's how you can benefit:

Use your Ad Board to sell advertising space to local businesses and benefit 100% from the revenue you make.

Advertise and sell your events using our built in event booking system.

Receive payments directly to your PTA bank account, with a simple click or two via Apple or Google Pay.

Download booking records so you don't have to spend hours reconciling payments.

Sell old uniform, leavers' gifts, Mother's Day presents, and any other merchandise via your community’s e-shop.

Create 'collection pots' for donations and contributions for your school/staff or to go directly to external charities and worthwhile causes that your community supports.

Share communications via the News Board – no more messaging class reps, to message year groups, to message back to class reps and so on…. One interactive communication board where you can engage your whole community.

Use the private chat feature for 1-2-1 and group chats. Set this up as you wish and check in when you want.

There's no longer a need for you to use your personal social media to communicate on PTA matters. myPTA is designed to compartmentalise PTA activity so members can check their messages and updates, or complete tasks at a time that suits them.

myPTA wants to bring the balance back.

What will it cost you?

All parents can download the App from the Apple and Google stores free.

PTAs register schools free using an official school email address via the myPTA website.

Currently, myPTA is offering a limited number of schools who register before 12 September, the chance to use the App absolutely free for the first year.

Contact myPTA now to find out more.