Raisin box challenge

Image: Carol Rogerson

Hoole CE Primary School organised a raisin box challenge and raised an amazing £1,200

Emma Brown, PTA Chair, Hoole CE Primary School, Hoole, Chester (360 pupils): 'Our PTA decided to run a raisin box challenge and began promoting the fundraiser via the weekly PTA newsletter and on the school noticeboards. We issued each child with a sealed plastic bag bought in bulk from an online distributor. These contained a small box of raisins from a supermarket, a letter which explained how the challenge would work, and a sponsor form.

Children were then given a week to eat the raisins and find as many different items as they could to fit inside the raisin box. Some children included LEGO bricks, sequins, Rice Crispies, Smarties and so on. They were asked to write each item down on their sheet, and to seek sponsorship from family and friends – either for each item or for the whole activity. Forms were handed back to the school and the money was counted.

Winners were announced in assembly and had their names printed in the newsletter. We bought four large tins of sweets for £5 and used these as prizes for our four winners: two from KS1 and two from KS2, either with the highest number of collected items or the highest sponsorship total.

Our costs came to around £100, including the prizes, plastic bags, raisin boxes and printing off the forms. Just under 100 children took part and our final profit was £1,200!'