About Community Inspired Ltd

Community Inspired has been working with schools for nearly a decade and has established it's position as experts in the school fundraising market through the highly-valued PTA+ Magazine and PTA+ website.

The mix of publishing skills, technology and fundraising expertise, coupled with our loyal PTA network, puts Community Inspired in a unique position to work with schools, businesses and funders to transform funding for education.

Community Inspired has teamed up with sector-leading crowdfunding providers and third sector organisations to design and deliver a complete package of services to transform income generation in schools and encourage all local and national businesses to inspire the next generation.

Community Inspired has provided advice, ideas and support to a network of 200,000+ PTA volunteers for more than eight years, helping them raise over £150m a year.

Community Inspired is a social enterprise which means that profits are reinvested into developing projects that benefit the communities it supports.