Family bingo night raised £600

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Ainsdale Primary School raised £600 from their Easter-themed family bingo night.

Sarah Drela, PTA Chair, Ainsdale Primary School, Merseyside (214 pupils) told us: 'After two successful years, our PTA decided to hold another Easter family bingo night. We sent out letters a couple of weeks before the event with a reply slip, to help gauge numbers. We bought bingo cards from a wholesaler, which we stapled into books of eight. We also organised a raffle, with prizes donated by local businesses and shops.

We had a mufti day on the day of the bingo and the children were asked to bring in Easter eggs. On the same day, our PTA helpers made up hampers for the bingo winners using the mufti donations – smaller ones for a “line” and bigger ones for a “full house”.

The bingo started at 6pm and once everyone had arrived, PTA helpers went round the tables and sold the bingo books for £2. We also opened the tuck shop selling hotdogs, crisps, cold drinks and sweets. At 6:30pm, it was “eyes down”! We were lucky to have a PTA member with bingo-calling experience, and she did a fantastic job keeping everyone focused! We invested in a bingo machine last year as this event has proven so popular in the past.

The children were so excited when they won prizes – and the adults were surprisingly enthusiastic too! After four games, we had a break and reopened the tuck shop, and after another four games, we drew the raffle. There was a lovely atmosphere and we raised nearly £600!'