‘We’re growing pupils’ confidence with cross-school activities’

The Dunham Trust brings its schools together through activities to benefit staff and pupils

‘The Dunham Trust in Mancester delivers multiple cross-school projects and events that align with our ethos. We use these opportunities to bring pupils and staff together to collaborate and build a stronger network. 

Our artist in residence coordinates joint creative projects across our schools throughout the year, culminating in a series of creative workshops in June as part of our Dunham Trust Arts Festival. Last year, we ran a creative maths workshop attended by four schools, where they worked alongside artists and mathematicians to explore mathematical themes using a variety of media. 

With the success of this project, we felt that running a sports-focused event was the next step, and so we set up our inaugural Dunham Trust Games. This event helped to showcase sporting talent across our five schools and was open to pupils from Years 5 and 6. It took place at Longford Park Stadium, and approximately 30 children from each school attended. 

The day was filled with races of different lengths and a relay, followed by a picnic where the children from all the schools were able to socialise together.  

Medals were awarded on a podium, and this gave the children a commemorative token to take home. While we were unable to secure business sponsorship last year to cover our costs, we’re hoping we will, now that we can show what a big success the event was.

Bringing our schools together helps to instil a sense of wider community across our trust. Pupils grow their confidence by meeting children outside of their own class and school, and staff are able to build their professional network, and share best practice and expertise. 

The event was a huge success and was thoroughly enjoyed by pupils, who had the thrilling experience of racing in a stadium and cheering on their fellow pupils. We hope the Dunham Trust Games have inspired pupils to become more active. 

We’ve already booked the event again for this year, and we hope it will continue to develop and grow.’

Libby Basnett, Communication and Administration Manager, The Dunham Trust, Manchester