Crowdfunding made this animation project possible

‘Crowdfunding and a grant funded our animation project’

‘As a holder of an MA in animation and a lecturer on university degree courses, I wanted to use my skills to benefit Kelvin Grove Primary School. I approached the Head with a proposal for an intergenerational animation project. The previous year I had done a model animation project with the school, and I sent these films to Lewisham Council, who suggested I apply to the Lewisham Festival Fund, which could support a further project.

To apply for the fund, we had to raise 15% of the money ourselves, which was £825. The fund would then consider supporting 70% of the project. We raised half of the money through three cake sales and the remainder through a Crowdfunder project. It took a lot of work to create our Crowdfunder page; I wrote a detailed description of the project and made an accompanying video so that everything was clear, and we included rewards ranging from artwork to VIP invites and screenings.

We met our fundraising target in February and our funding was approved in March, meaning we could cover the project costs such as tuition fees, screening fees, materials and any additional equipment we might need. To begin our project, we took a small group of Year 5 children to a local residential care home and interviewed four people, the eldest being 98!

An 84-year-old lady then came into school and the pupils asked her about what life was like when she was young. They were amazed by how different it was, and we heard lots of lovely anecdotes. We recorded the interviews and I cut them down into a five-minute audio clip for each class. The children will now animate these using techniques such as cut-out animation and stop motion using objects, all recorded and edited with iPads and the Stop Motion Studio app.

A big part of the project and funding is the community aspect, which means we need to hold screenings for the finished films. I’m hoping to hold five in total, including at the school and care home, along with a local cinema.

There’s been a great level of excitement and enthusiasm about the project, and I really hope the school will run similar projects in the future Projects such as this boost the children’s confidence and give them a real sense of pride in their achievements.’

Katy Milner, project coordinator, Kelvin Grove School, Lewisham, London (650 pupils)


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