Crowdfunding project for 3D-printing resources raises £2,800

The Forest School raised £2,800 to purchase resources for their after-school 3D-printing club.

Lindsey Redgate, Marketing Officer, The Forest School, Winnersh, Wokingham (1,176 pupils) said: 'Our progressive DT department is aware of the need to furnish pupils with the latest technology. With a limited budget we have to get creative to finance new pieces of software or equipment. We set ourselves a target of raising £2,000 for a resource kit that would allow us to run an after-school 3D-printing club.

Mr Ralph, Head of DT, set up our crowdfunding page, providing photos and video footage to help us promote our campaign. We uploaded images of our current 3D printers and videoed our students describing how the new resources would benefit their learning. We were advised to keep our campaign short, so allocated two weeks to raise our target.

We promoted our project to parents through newsletters and social media, and included rewards for those who donated certain amounts. For £20, donors would receive a scanned head and shoulders model of themselves and a scanning session with a student. A £30 donation earned them a 3D-printed model of our school emblem, as well as a 3D selfie! This was a great way for supporters to see the technology in action, especially since it’s not widely accessible.

We were dubious about running our campaign for only a fortnight, but this ended up being the perfect length of time. Not only did we reach our £2,000 target, but we raised another £800 on top! I would recommend the use of social media to promote any crowdfunding project. The support from the parents and our local community has certainly created a feel-good factor at our school.'