Latest grant opportunities

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to have an impact, there are still funders offering financial support to benefit schools and communities, especially those that are local to their centres of operation.

Here is a round-up of grants available now from businesses that are seeking to improve their local communities through grant-giving, as part of their corporate social responsibility. Some funders, while keen to benefit young people and advance their education, will only support registered charities, so now would be a good time to collaborate with your PTA so they can apply on your behalf.


Grant value

Next deadline


Nisa: Making

a Difference Locally


Small grants – generally less than £1,000 but sometimes more


Making a Difference Locally is a charity launched to help independently run Nisa stores add value to their communities. Money raised from the sale of certain products is made available to retailers to award to local charities of their choosing. Schools and PTAs local to any Nisa store can apply at any time, and receive a small grant for items such as laptops or play equipment. Go to your local store or visit

Morrisons Foundation

Up to £25,000

Ongoing (allow three months for a decision)

Morrisons offers grants that fully fund projects to improve people’s lives and make a positive difference in local communities. You must be a charity to apply, so schools may need to get the PTA involved (assuming it’s

a registered charity). In the past, PTAs have successfully applied for funding for the resurfacing of play areas and other outdoor improvements. Apply online at

Warburtons Community Grants  Up to £400

Up to £400

10 May 2021

Your PTA may be able to obtain up to £400 towards broader activities that will improve the health or skills of the children or the facilities within your school. Proximity to a Warburtons bakery or depot will improve your chances of receiving funding. Click through to the Charities Aid Foundation via the Warburtons website, then apply online.

Calor Rural Community Fund

Up to £5,000, plus whatever you are able to achieve via crowdfunding

TBC, but due to be spring 2021

If your school is in a rural location, not served by the mains gas network, you can apply for funding from the Calor Rural Community Fund. The amount applied for should constitute at least 50% of the total project cost. As part of their grant submission, applicants are guided through the set-up process for a crowdfunding page, which can then be used to boost support and gain further donations. Apply online at

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