Wow Kingdom

Earn awesome fundraiser freebies from Wow Kingdom!

Wow Kingdom is a wonderland of jewellery, watches and gifts from the hottest brands, which allows PTA groups to earn awesome fundraising freebies as your school shop their favourite products!

Putting the fun in fundraising!

Wow Kingdom has created a scheme to help give a little back to school PTAs. Wow Kingdom colleagues help on their schools' PTAs, and they know the hustle is real! They know that you're busy, so that's why they've designed their scheme to be quick and easy, leaving you with time to organise the up-coming raffle...and trying to recruit those elusive new members!

How does it work?

First, there's a few details Wow Kingdom needs to get started, so please register your school PTA by sending an email to which includes the below details:

  • Your name

  • Your PTA position

  • Your school name

  • Pupil number for postcards

  • Address for your postcards

Once your school PTA has been set up on the system using the above details, a unique code will be generated for your school. Wow Kingdom will print your code onto free postcards which will be mailed to you, to be sent home in children's book bags. As you know, many of these postcards will remain in the bottom of bags for weeks on end, so please also get the message out in those all important class WhatsApp groups too!

How does the scheme benefit your PTA?

Whenever anyone makes a purchase using your PTA's unique code, they'll receive a 10% discount, but you'll also earn a WOW KINGDOM PTA POINT for every pound spent. At the end of the school year Wow Kingdom will send you a statement letting you know how many points you have and inviting you to exchange them for Wow Kingdom goodies that you can use in your raffles, auctions, or whatever other activities will help you raise those all important funds.

Any questions?

If there is any more info you need before you decide to join Wow Kingdom, please drop them an email at and they'll be happy to help.

Peers Hardy Group, Starley Way, Birmingham, West Midlands
0121 5241400