Step-by-step: quiz night

Quiz nights are popular on the fundraising scene, and these tips will help make your event the best it can be

Step-by-step: music festival

Music festivals are a wonderful way to raise money whilst bringing the community together

Step-by-step: circus

A circus is a surprisingly easy and profitable fundraiser to organise for your school

Step-by-step: ceilidh

A ceilidh is a traditional Gaelic gathering, which promises lots of fun for the whole family

Step-by-step: bingo event

A bingo event, either for children or families, is simple way to raise money for your school

Step-by-step: murder mystery

Murder mystery nights make a great choice for an adult social evening, promising lots of fun for little effort

Step-by-step: tea dance

An afternoon tea dance sounds inviting, but how do you take the first steps? Nikki Burch leads the way

Step-by-step: pet show

Raise children's awareness of animal welfare issues - and raise money - by running a pet show at your school

Step-by-step: swishing

A swishing (or clothes-swapping) party is a fun way to raise money for your cause

Step-by-step: campover

For an event that offers family fun and plenty of fresh air, look no further than a campover

Your school needs you!

When it comes to boosting dwindling funds, donations of money and material items are clearly important, but people giving their time is equally valuable

Tips for time-pressed SBMs

How can you talk about time management when you're always in a rush? Helen Burge offers some useful tips for managing your time when you're always in a hurry

9 Festive fundraisers

Whether you're looking for an alternative or an addition to your Christmas fair, these fundraising ideas are sure to spread some festive cheer

Running a raffle

Running a raffle at events can boost profits, but what legal requirements do schools need to adhere to?

RSPCA advice: Pet shows

A pet show introduces welfare issues to children, but there are some important things to consider

The war on waste

How you can make your fundraising more eco-friendly

Sponsored literacy-linked fundraising ideas

Engage pupils and gain support from parents and teachers with curriculum-linked fundraisers

Earn while you learn

Engage pupils and gain support from parents and teachers with curriculum-linked fundraisers

Boosting profits

The profit you make is the measure of success at your event, so how can you push it further?

Secondhand sales

Secondhand sales are a popular way for schools to raise funds, but don't fall foul of legal requirements