Tiger Tags

Raise funds for your school whilst cutting down on lost property! Tiger Tags supplies fundraising name labels for kids.

Tiger Tags' name labels are high quality, durable and colourful. Choose from a selection of unique, eye-catching designs that even the youngest child will be able to identify as theirs.

All schools and nurseries actively promote the labelling of school uniform and equipment, so why shouldn’t they be entitled to fundraise from this too?! At Tiger Tags, they believe that they should, which is why they have included a schools fundraising option for their name labels. They are available as stick on or iron on (or choose a bundle of both), and are suitable for use on fabric and hard surfaces. All their labels are washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher friendly, helping parents and children to keep property safe and to save time and money in not having to replace clothing and other school equipment!

Tiger Tags is operated by the same company as Xmas4schools, which has been running a successful schools Christmas product fundraiser for the past 10 years and already works with schools and nurseries nationwide, so they understand both schools and parents needs and have made our processes quick, easy and user friendly!

With all of the fun personalisation options available my kids were so excited to design their labels. The labels are also very durable as they have stayed attached after countless washes. Look no further! Pat Darvell