A new fast way of naming all your belongings! A personalised stamp usable on fabric, metal, wood & some plastics.

Hate sewing labels? Hate ironing name tapes? So does Stamptastic!

Stamptastic is a personalised stamp, usable on fabric, metal, wood and most plastics.

No more sewing or ironing on labels. No more losing your pencil case or PE kit!

Now you can just stamp everything!

With their transparent block for accurate, easy positioning.

Register for our cashback scheme and not only will you receive up to 25% cashback on all orders placed via your schools unique code but you will also receive a FREE £22 voucher for your charity or PTA to use in their fundraising efforts.

Raising money for your nursery or school with Stamptastic couldnt be easier. I contacted Stamptastic on behalf of my little boys nursery and they very quickly gave us a unique code for our nursery to begin saving money. All I had to do was send an email around to all our parents telling them what a fantastic alternative to sewing name tags onto all our childrens belongings Stamptastic is, and that if they went ahead and purchased a stamp Stamptastic would donate up to 25% cashback to our nursery. In addition, I circulated a flyer with the code on to all our parents and they did the rest Stamptastic had two orders within a few hours of my email going out! Once the closing date for the cashback offer had expired Stamptastic sent our nursery a cheque for the money that had been raised through the scheme it was as simple as that! I would definitely recommend signing up. – Windham Nursery School