Smooga provides portable sports courts for playgrounds. Their range of sizes and prices suit everyone.

  • Smoogas improve PE environments. PE and school sport will be more effective, promoting higher levels of inclusion.

  • Smoogas reduce conflict in the playground, creating safer environments, making free play easier to manage.

  • Smoogas encourage a more structured area for play and sport great for all schools.

What is a smooga?

A smooga is a fully portable games area or court, made of recycled and recyclable plastic. They are fully weather proof and extremely robust and safe. Smooga is a new and exciting concept and seems to be just what schools have been waiting for to help manage playground activities and get more children involved in active play. Smoogas are making a real difference to the way children use their outside space. Ball games are well controlled and more children are taking part and feeling included. Everyone can assemble a smooga. The unique lock-together, push-fit system makes them easy to build, change and move. They are designed to be safe and robust even when fallen against. There are no sharp edges and no loose parts. Schools all around the country are buying smoogas for their playgrounds, either to improve sports delivery or to help manage the playground. Here’s what some teachers have to say: The children love it. It has created a new point of interest. They all gather round and watch each other which has been an unexpected outcome. Susie Bagnall, Headteacher, St Ebbes, Oxford. Two girls in my class have played football in a small team for the first time ever yesterday-not having to compete against the boys who already have lots of experience and being able to play in the enclosed space made them want to join in. Success! Catherine Archard, Teacher and sports co-ordinator, St Michaels Primary School, Oxford. The children use the smooga morning, noon and night. Thats why weve bought a second one for the larger playground. Stephen Betts, Headteacher, Malin Bridge Primary, Sheffield.

What can a smooga do for your school?

  • A smooga improves your PE and school sports environment.

  • promotes skills development, higher levels of inclusion, fun, and engagement.

  • Smoogas remove conflicts in the playground, (often caused by ball games taking all available space) creating safer play environments, inside and outside the smooga.

  • A smooga will enable you to manage your playground activity more easily, in free play or during lessons, making more effective use of your time.

Heres what two sports coaches have to say about smooga: I think the smooga is a great idea for helping contain the session so that balls do not fly everywhere, helping to prevent the break-up of play. We've had a lot of fun here today with the students from Tower Hill Primary School. It was fantastic to see a mix of boys and girls enjoying our futsal coaching session inside the smooga and I hope we have been able to inspire them enough to ensure they keep playing sport in the playground.  Natasha Caswell, Oxford United striker and coach. I used the smooga that was set up at the Oxford Downs Cricket Club. As soon as I saw it I realised it would be ideal for what I had in mind. I had three lads in my group and the perimeter panels meant that I could keep the activity contained. They were able to practice various skills and not have to run too far when they played shots. We worked on them keeping the ball down and the smooga lends itself to this perfectly. In schools I'm often fetching balls out of the bushes and spending time finding lost balls. I can see that a smooga would be ideal for many schools that don't have a contained playing environment or if they just want to use part of their space for sports.  Matt Woods, ECB level 2 cricket coach from Darryl Woods Cricket Coaching.

Smoogas are situated all over the country and their presence is growing all the time. There may be one or more in a town near you. Visit the website to see the map:

How do you buy a smooga?

If you feel that a smooga will help you to manage your playground better and promote inclusion in PE and school sports, get in touch for a chat, or for information regarding our prices and sizes. Prices start from c. £1,575 for the smallest Panna system.

Call Keith Place, Director of smooga, on: 01865 301917