Positively You

Inspirational workshops focused on raising attainment and personal development.

For over 20 years, Positively You has been delivering transformative learning experiences to schools all over the UK. To date, theyve supported over 2.5 million students with a wide range of attainment raising and personal development workshops.

A brief overview of some of their most popular workshops:

Their flagship exam preparation workshop, Exam Busters has helped more than one million students feel more confident and better equipped to navigate the exam season. Full of innovative revision techniques and stress management advice, Exam Busters is all about teaching students to revise smarter, not harder.

A fast-paced, high-impact, intervention, Super Speed Study Skills focuses on helping students become more efficient and productive learners. This workshop presents students with a clearer idea of how to absorb and retain information more effectively using methods such as the Feynman technique and the 2-minute rule.

One of their newest and most inspirational workshops, Goal Setting provides students with a toolkit of ideas and techniques designed to raise their aspirations and identify what they want to achieve in both their academic and personal lives.

Stress, setbacks and adversity are unfortunate aspects of modern life, and their incredibly popular Resilience workshop tackles these issues head-on. Through a series of interactive group activities and thought-provoking discussions, students will develop a growth mindset, a can-do attitude and be able to turn negative thoughts into valuable learning experiences.

To view their full range of workshops, or to download a brochure, please visit their website.

In addition to their student workshops, they also offer teacher training sessions. This is another area where they feel their experience can really benefit the wider school environment and encourage shared best practice.

Of course, learning doesnt just happen at school, which is why Positively You recently launched the Online Resources Hub. Containing professionally animated refresher videos and high-quality guides and templates, the Online Resources Hub is a fantastic way to provide continuing support to students who have experienced a Super Speed Study Skills or Exam Busters workshop.

Students who experience one of their Attainment Raising workshops will receive a free pen, courtesy of BIC, one of the biggest and most recognisable brands in the world.

If you have any questions about how Positively You can support your school, dont hesitate to reach out to them.

As a member of staff, Ive sat through many a revision/exam piece of training. This was something else and it made me sit up and start taking notes. After 20 years in the job, I still learnt some new ways to revise. Loved it and hope to get Positively You back in the school in the future - 5 stars! Boldon School

The students loved every minute of this Resilience workshop. The whole process was effortless, from our initial enquiry to the event itself. The content benefitted the students so much and the presenters were incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic. We are already thinking about booking more workshops this year! Telford College

Thank you for the sessions you delivered to our students, the advice offered was unique and valuable and has been well received by our students. The presenter was really engaging and the students really appreciated this. The feedback from students was really positive and I think the sessions were really well put together and aimed perfectly at our students. The Thetford Academy

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