Oxford Reading Buddy

Closing the reading loop between child, parent and teacher.

Oxford Reading Buddy is a truly innovative digital reading platform from Oxford University Press. More than just an eBook library with quizzes, Oxford Reading Buddy contains interactive Reading Buddies to support your children on their reading journey at home and school.

Created by comprehension experts, it coaches children towards deeper understanding without the need for constant reading supervision from an adult.

  • Unique Reading Buddies provide one-to-one coaching, building childrens understanding, confidence and love of reading!

  • Automatically moves each child to the correct Oxford Reading Level for them, ensuring they have constant access to a wide range of eBooks appropriate for them.

  • Live reporting for teachers tracks, drives and celebrates reading progress, and can easily be shared with parents and caregivers.

  • Also contains comprehension quizzes for print books your school may already have from Oxfords much-loved Treetops, Project X and Oxford Reading Tree series.

  • Simple to use and mobile-optimized for easy access at home and school.

Teachers* can sign up for a free trial for every pupil and teacher at their school here: https://learn.oxfordreadingbuddy.com/discover/

*Please note that free trials and subscriptions are only available for schools, and not for individuals. Only teaching professionals working at UK schools can sign up.

When Oxford Reading Buddy came out, that was it. It was that missing link, that model of what a good reading session would look like… at home.  Lucian Andrews, Assistant Head Teacher, Muscliff Primary School

Oxford Reading Buddy has completely transformed reading and comprehension at our school.  Mr D. Warrington, Phase Leader, Dudley Wood Primary School

Parents and carers have reacted very positively to Oxford Reading Buddy – much less frustration about reading books not being changed daily!  Ms. Young, Deputy Head Teacher, Falcons Primary School

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