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Maths support for Families

Private Online tutorials at home is the UK’s No.1 home education product for maths. Children enjoy learning with ConquerMaths and find the content and activities engaging. Parents of any experience can mentor their children, with the help of video lessons.

  • Suitable for all ages, school stages and abilities

  • 1,200 beautifully explained tutorial videos

  • Diagnostics and assessment tools

  • Huge bank of auto-marked questions

I really love conquer maths. The videos and lessons are really fun. I highly recommend this. Its really also helping mum and dad. Conquer Maths has really helped me with maths because a few years ago I was really behind, but because of Conquer Maths I am heading really fast to the stage I am supposed to be in, but its a little tough when you get one wrong because it sends you back several times to do it again, but I guess that’s a part of learning.’  Belle, age 9

I used to hate Conquer Maths because I always got the answers wrong. But that was because I did not watch the video, now I do. I love Conquer Maths. It has helped me so much, I used to be really behind and now I am shooting up to my level! You should definitely enrol your kids in Conquer Maths, it really helps!’  Zainab, age 12

Excellent program, my daughter has learnt so much. The lessons are easy to follow and it's great that everything is broken down into clear sections. Highly recommend.’  Andrea B

I have been using Conquer Maths for my children for 2 years now, and my only regret is that I did not find it sooner. An absolute game changer in helping and teaching children concepts for their level in maths. The short straight to the point teaching videos followed by questions is fantastic, the children like the certificates as they work through each module. I would be lost without it. Totally recommend this maths program.’  Kiera