an online balloon race

Host your own virtual balloon race for 39, choose your start and finish dates and accept payments online in minutes.

How does a virtual balloon race work?

Set your start and finish dates. Most races run for 7 days but allow 3 to 4 weeks to sell balloons – so set your start date in the future to give yourself time to build sales. When the race starts balloons move a random distance every hour until your finish date. When the race is over the balloons stop moving and your final leaderboard is displayed.

Your race package will include unlimited virtual balloons, sell the balloons for £4 each (or any price you set). Most races offer a £30 Amazon voucher as 1st prize – Amazon vouchers are easy to email to the winner(s).

Personalise your race page with information about your school/charity and add your logo or crest.

Balloons fly over a selection of available backgrounds or you can upload your own. Why not upload a photo of the school playground or create a journey with images or Paris, London and New York. You can change the background as often as you like even when the race is live.

Add the live leaderboard widget to your school website to offer up-to-date information on your race.

Virtual duck race also available.

Sustainable environmentally friendly fundraising – no real balloons are used.


Hi David, our balloon race was a huge success and we raised a little over £200 after costs, selling almost £250 balloons. Was a great event! Thank so much for your help and support! See you next year! Su Bond, Castleton PTA

The kids and adults are really enjoying this PTA event. Thank you again and we hope to run this event again soon. Towerview Primary PTA