Addressing local issues

Supporting projects in areas of extreme urban deprivation, or fragile rural communities

Workshops with writers

Funding is available to reduce the cost of workshops with published writers

Promoting relations with Japan

Small grants for promoting education in Japanese culture, society & acheivements

Maths activities

Grants of up to £600 are available to fund maths activities in schools

Science and gardening projects

Grants for primary schools to promote the teaching of science and gardening

Opportunities for disadvantaged children

Grants of up to £10,00 for projects benefitting disadvantaged young people

The study of music

Apply for £8,500 of funding available for music scholarships or workshops

Improving sports facilities

Up to £3,000 provided for the improvement of school sports facilities

Help for the Hearing Impaired

Small grants for advancing the education of young people with hearing impairments

Environmental projects

Environmental, conservation and renewable energy projects

Public engagement in science

Funding of up to £15,000 for novel public engagement science programmes

Delivering sports activities

Grants for sports clubs and organisations in London to deliver sports activities

Teaching Japanese culture

Up to £1,000 for projects that teach and promote Japanese culture

Community projects

Funding for schools to revitalise the local environment and support local communities

Funding football facilities

Up to £500,000-worth of grants for building or refurbishing sports facilities