Funding football facilities

Up to £500,000-worth of grants for building or refurbishing sports facilities

Classical music training

Up to £5,000 of funding for classical music training

European partnerships

Funding to promote international mobility and best practice through partnerships

Help for the Hearing Impaired

Small grants for advancing the education of young people with hearing impairments

Teaching Japanese culture

Up to £1,000 for projects that teach and promote Japanese culture

Youth development

Grants of up to £2,000 for the promotion of education in Derbyshire

Supporting disadvantaged children

Up to £40,000/year for projects benefitting disadvantaged children in the UK

RE resources

Funding of up to £600 to support the teaching of Christianity within Religious Education.

Tree planting

Funding for schools to purchase and plant trees in their grounds

Improving children's development

Grants for educational, sporting or cultural activities that improve children's development

The arts, sport and education

Grants for charities seeking funding for the arts, sport and education

Molecular bioscience

Up to £1,000 is available to engage children with molecular bioscience

Promoting relations with Japan

Small grants for promoting education in Japanese culture, society & acheivements

Supporting good causes

Grants for community events at schools in the Home Counties and Thames Valley

Special projects

Small grants of £500 to £1,000 for projects that support diversity and inclusion