Social & community projects

Up to £2,000 for social and community projects in Wales

Water dispensers

£300 to £3,000 available to fund the installation of water dispensers

World trade

Grants for education and training connected with the advancement of world trade

Promoting heritage in the UK

From £3,000 to £5million to connect people to national, regional or local heritage

Alleviating deprivation

Funding for schools in Lambeth to benefit children of limited financial means

Funding projects in Aberdeen

Up to £5,000 for projects that relate to the environment and skills development

Inspiring interest in hockey

Up to £75,000 of funding is offered to inspire young people to play hockey

Supporting the disadvantaged

Small grants to support minority groups, those who are disadvantaged or vulnerable

Promoting vegetarianism

Up to £2,000 to celebrate and promote vegetarian food

Funding for pupils in Birmingham

Up to £1,000 available to support small projects in Birmingham schools

Supporting schools in Manchester

Up to £3,000 for projects benefitting communities in and around Manchester

Raising aspirations

Between £1,000 and £10,000 to raise the aspirations of children in Wales

Assistance for individuals

Small grants for individuals to assist with the cost of trips and tuition

Innovative teaching

Up to £15,000 for a project that demonstrates innovative teaching

Capital projects in Dorset

Supporting causes in East Dorset, 'no scheme is too big or too small'