Music-making projects

Up to £100,000 per year for music projects benefitting young people

Enabling active lifestyles

Funding over three years for improving mental health by enabling active lifestyles

The study of music

Apply for £8,500 of funding available for music scholarships or workshops

Supporting good causes

Grants for community events at schools in the Home Counties and Thames Valley

Teaching Roman studies

Up to £500 offered to promote Latin and Roman studies in schools

Supporting the environment

Funding of up to £25,000 for community projects in West London

Capital works

From £15,000 to £100,000 for capital building works or equipment

Funding for schools in the South East

Up to £10,000 awarded to fund community projects in the South East

Community projects

Funding for schools to revitalise the local environment and support local communities

Science enrichment

Up to £500 available for science activities that go beyond the curriculum

Funding for recreational trips

Up to £2,500 for recreational trips that benefit disadvantaged children

Enhancing quality of life

Up to £100,000 for building work or specialist equipment at Special Schools

Tackling youth offending

Funding for one to two year interventions reducing youth offending in 10-14 year olds

Grass-roots projects

Small grants of up to £5,000 for community based projects in the UK

Supporting schools in Manchester

Up to £3,000 for projects benefitting communities in and around Manchester