Supporting learning

Funding for schools and education in Sussex

Creating positive change

Helping children achieve their potential through school and communities

Funding local communities

Up to £1,000 for local communities to improve their surroundings

Science teaching

Up to £1,000 to promote the science of microbiology to a wider audience

Celebrating Windrush Day

Funding to celebrate, commemorate and/or educate about the Empire Windrush

Transition in STEM

£2,500 to improve the transition in STEM subjects for pupils moving up from primary school

Recognising achievement

Achievement awards for young people and small grants up to £750

Renewable energy

Funding for the installation of renewable energy technologies

RE resources

Funding of up to £600 to support the teaching of Christianity within Religious Education.

Supporting wildlife projects

Funding from £250 to £1,000 for protect wildlife and the environment

International collaboration

Up to £35,000 to develop partnerships with schools in other countries

Promoting relations with Japan

Small grants for promoting education in Japanese culture, society & acheivements

Community projects

Funding for schools to revitalise the local environment and support local communities

Small-scale projects

Up to £2,500 for small projects that are hard to fund.

Confident communication

Subsidies available for workshops to improve written and spoken communication