Raising aspirations

Between £1,000 and £10,000 to raise the aspirations of children in Wales

Academy growth and development

Up to £310,000 to support the growth and development of academy trusts

Promoting literacy

Up to £500 to promote literacy and a love of reading

Improving lives

Grants for capital projects to benefit disadvantaged young people

Community projects

Awarding up to £5,000 for community projects nominated by members of the public

Holidays and trips

Funding for young people with special needs to have a break away from home

Specialist equipment

Equipment grants of up to £5,000 to benefit disadvantaged children

Improving sports facilities

Up to £3,000 provided for the improvement of school sports facilities

Healthy, fit, happy children

Improving the education and physical and emotional wellbeing of children

Sport and the outdoors

Funding for projects that support disadvantaged young people

Capital projects in Dorset

Supporting causes in East Dorset, 'no scheme is too big or too small'

Grants for registered charities

Small grants for registered charities over a wide range of charitable objectives

Appreciation of ecology

Grants to promote education and a better understanding of the countryside

Confident communication

Subsidies available for workshops to improve written and spoken communication

Residential trips in Scotland

Funding for groups of disadvantaged young people to stay in youth hostels in Scotland