Capital works

From £15,000 to £100,000 for capital building works or equipment

Improving sports facilities

Up to £3,000 provided for the improvement of school sports facilities

Public engagement in science

Funding of up to £15,000 for novel public engagement science programmes

Community grants

Small grants of up to £250 to help charitable organisations

Local environmental initiatives

Funding for environment and education projects in Edinburgh schools

Community funding

Grant funding for not-for-profit organisations benefitting local communites

For the love of reading

Up to £1,000 for books from your school's local independent bookseller

Supporting community groups

Small grants for community groups, voluntary organisations and local charities

How to fund an ambitious project

How to plan and succeed when exceeding your usual fundraising limits

Community funding

Small grants to benefit local communities

Hockey and equipment training

Awards of between £100 and £1,200 to encourage pupils to play hockey

Appreciation of ecology

Grants to promote education and a better understanding of the countryside

Community funding

Funding for communities affected by oil and gas exploration and production

Chemistry awareness

Up to £10,000 for raising awareness for activities in the field of chemistry

Assisting disadvantaged youth

Grants for equipment, refurbishment or building projects benefitting SEN children