Social & community projects

Up to £2,000 for social and community projects in Wales

Outdoor learning

Part-funding for outdoor learning courses for disadvantaged children

Using a bid-writing expert

When does it pay to hire a bid-writing expert to complete your grant application for you?

Equipment and experiences

Between £500 and £5,000 for projects in Hull and East Yorkshire

Biomedical science and humanities

Funding of up to £3,000,000 for creative projects that explore humanities, social sciences, education and medicine

Marine projects

Up to £5,000 for innovative projects related to the marine environment

Funding projects in Aberdeen

Up to £5,000 for projects that relate to the environment and skills development

Meet the funder: The Royal Society

The Royal Society has awarded over £1.3m to STEM projects – find out what makes a good application

Special educational needs

Funding for institutions providing facilities for children with special educational needs

Exploring the arts

Up to £2,000 for pupils to explore the arts outside the classroom

The great outdoors

Funding for disadvantaged young people to develop an interest in outdoor pursuits

Grants for registered charities

Small grants for registered charities over a wide range of charitable objectives

Participation in sport

Up to £10,000 is available for projects that encourage sports participation

Maths projects

£800-worth of funding available to stimulate an interest in maths.

Hockey and equipment training

Awards of between £100 and £1,200 to encourage pupils to play hockey