Addressing local issues

Supporting projects in areas of extreme urban deprivation, or fragile rural communities

Learning from the land

Grants awarded to encourage children to learn from the land

Maintaining breakfast clubs

Up to £1,000 to help maintain your school breakfast club

Teaching Japanese culture

Up to £1,000 for projects that teach and promote Japanese culture

Japanese culture and language

Grants of up to £15,000 for promoting interaction between the UK and Japan

Environmental projects

Environmental, conservation and renewable energy projects

Healthy eating and sport

Small grants for youth projects promoting healthy eating and physical exercise

Holidays and trips

Funding for young people with special needs to have a break away from home

Capital sports projects

Grants of up to £150,000 to fund capital projects that encourage sports.

Funding for charities

Up to £3,000 for projects benefiting children through education and/or welfare

Library provision

Providing library resources for the benefit of underprivileged children

Tackling youth offending

Funding for one to two year interventions reducing youth offending in 10-14 year olds

How to fund an ambitious project

How to plan and succeed when exceeding your usual fundraising limits

Creating places for sport

Up to £100,000 to create or improve places for sport or physical activity in Scotland

Group music-making

Grants between £500 to £4,000 are available for creative music projects