Funding for schools in Belfast

Up to £3,000 for community and sport projects in Belfast schools

Promoting heritage in the UK

From £3,000 to £5million to connect people to national, regional or local heritage

Backing charities

Small donations and larger grants for charities benefitting society

Grant application checklist

Use our checklist to ensure your school has the best chance of success

Promoting physics or engineering

Up to £600 available for projects or events linked to physics or engineering

Pathways to education, training & employment

Funding to help disadvantaged and disengaged young people aged 14 and over

Funding schools in Northern England

Small grants to fund community projects in schools in the North of England.

Funding capital projects

Up to £25,000 to support capital projects or core costs of charitable organisations

Community projects

Up to £10,000 for sustainable community projects that make a positive change

Science equipment

£600 for primary schools or £1,000 for secondary schools for science equipment

Small-scale projects

Up to £2,500 for small projects that are hard to fund.

Environment and outdoors

Up to £12,000 for outdoor learning, but also literacy, STEM and arts projects

How to write an evidence-based bid

Using evidence and data to back up your bid can increase your chances of success

Maths projects

Up to £800-worth of funding available to stimulate an interest in maths.

Supporting the disadvantaged

Small grants to support minority groups, those who are disadvantaged or vulnerable