Water dispensers

£300 to £3,000 available to fund the installation of water dispensers

Helping the disadvantaged

Equipment grants of up to £6,000 to benefit disadvantaged children

Alleviating deprivation

Funding for schools in Lambeth to benefit children of limited financial means

Funding for schools in the South East

Up to £10,000 awarded to fund community projects in the South East

Supporting schools in London

Up to £30,000 is available to support disadvantaged children in Hammersmith & Fulham

Developing arts and education

Funding for charities to promote literature, music and theatre in schools

School visits

Funding for Scottish schools taking trips to explore history and heritage

Science and the arts

Up to £50,000 awarded to promote science, medicine and the arts

Equipment funding

Small grants for furniture and/or equipment benefitting young people aged 16-25

Using a bid-writing expert

When does it pay to hire a bid-writing expert to complete your grant application for you?

Biodome project

Severn View Academy received a £10,000 grant to install a biodome and enhance outdoor learning

Pathways to education, training & employment

Funding to help disadvantaged and disengaged young people aged 14 and over

Music-making projects

Up to £100,000 per year for music projects benefitting young people

Hellenic studies

Small grants for projects and events relating to Greek language and culture

EYFS outdoor area

Danesfield School was awarded £5,000 to purchase new play equipment for their outdoor Early Years area