The Rewards Guide

Offer rewards to your crowdfunding supporters as an incentive to encourage them to dig a little deeper

The Crowdfunding Handbook

From preparing your project to thanking donors, this guide gives an overview of what you need to consider

Crowdfunding dos & don'ts

These essential tips will help you create a successful campaign

Outdoor learning project

St John's Primary School in Hampshire crowdfunded for an outdoor tree hut and raised £3,045

What is crowdfunding?

Get your project funded by running a targeted online crowdfunding campaign

How to write a crowdfunding campaign press release

Publish a press release to boost support for your campaign

Campaign schedule

Allow time to plan and prepare, recruit support, launch and engage donors and finish your campaign successfully

What makes a good project?

Director of the UK Crowdfunding Association, Jonathan May answers some frequently-asked crowdfunding questions

How to create a big-impact video

Boost the success of your campaign with an engaging video

How to use social media

Use social media to boost the success of your campaign

Build a support base

Building a support base – core team, influencers and donors – will ensure the success of your campaign

Promoting your campaign

The key to crowdfunding success is getting lots of people to pledge – identify supporters and plan your strategy