Meet the team

The in-house team

Nikki Burch

Nikki Burch joined Community Inspired in 2010 heads up the FundEd programme as Editorial Director. Professionally, Nikki has over 20 years experience in magazine publishing, and is passionate about providing high-quality information in an engaging way – both in print and online.

On a personal note, Nikki is married to the Deputy Head of Maths at a state boarding school and has a daughter in Year 6 at a local primary academy and another in Year 9 at a local outstanding secondary. Nikki spent four years on the PTA committee, organising a circus, recycling collections and other fundraising initiatives, before applying her skills to the role of Fundraising Coordinator for the local Scout Group. She has raised over £8,000 in 18 months through successful grant bids, running a silent auction and by tapping into funding made available by local community groups.

'At FundEd, we want to champion all the fabulous things that school leaders are already doing... And help them to achieve even more! As the wife of a teacher, I know only too well how precious time is and, with this in mind, our aim is to do all the hard work for you – presenting targeted information to help inspire and support you in your quest for additional funds.'

Contact Nikki for editorial queries or to join our panel of expert contributors.

Richard Manville

Richard Manville is Managing Director and Co-Founder of Community Inspired, and focuses on the commercial side of the business. Generating an income from advertising sales enables us to meet our remit as a Social Enterprise, improving children's life chances by reinvesting our profits back into the business to further meet the needs of the communities we serve.

Richard has been married to Julie, a hardworking primary school teacher, for over 25 years and has a 20-year-old son. In the mid-1980s he spent a year teaching at a school in Kenya.

'In 2002 I co-founded Community Inspired, initially concentrating on child safety in shopping centres and on school trips. I am passionate about sales, but believe that the only way to sell properly is through a consultative approach, indeed, good relationships are at the heart of any successful business.'

Contact Richard if you're a supplier to the education sector and want to discuss advertising opportunities.

Meet our experts

Our extended team of experts are specialists in bid-writing, crowdfunding, working effectively with business partners, and public sector procurement. They share proven methods that are already working in schools, and are helping us create a bank of case studies and practical resources.

Rachel Gordon

Rachel Gordon heads up the School Funding Service, which helps schools across the UK secure grants for a range of projects, from sports equipment to extended services. She writes bids for schools and advises them on how to maximise their funding potential. Rachel has written for numerous publications, including Headteacher Update and Sec-Ed

Howard Rose

Howard Rose is Director of Funding and Publicity at Central Schools Trust (MAT). Since 2012, he has secured over £400,000 through grants, sponsorship and support from businesses. Howard won a British Chamber of Commerce Education and Business Partnership Award in 2015 and Solihull Business Person of the Year in 2016 for the work he has done to develop relationships with local businesses to enhance teaching and learning.

Sam Baker

Sam Baker is Head of Business and Education Partnerships at Mark Rutherford School in Bedford. In 2011, Sam established an education-business partnership programme, which now has over 150 local and national organisations playing an active role in the life of the school and the career progression of students. This involves regular networking meetings, Preparation for Work workshops and the Business Mentor Programme, for which Sam was awarded a British Chamber of Commerce Education and Business Partnership Award in 2015.