London Punch


The Punch and Judy Show is a British icon, and is popular with schools for end-of-term parties, fundraising events or school workshops.

David Wilde at London Punch provides teachers with term-time workshops, which include:

  • An illustrated talk,
  • Punch and Judy performance,
  • Question and answer session.

The workshops have proven to provide a stimulating component for pupils in support of topic work on the Victorian era and The Seaside (Key Stage 1).

David can talk knowledgeably on the Punch story, how the character emerged first as a string puppet in 17th Century London (as observed by Samuel Pepys), and in Victorian times as Punch became street entertainment as a glove puppet. Then, with the emerging popularity and growth of the coastal resorts, Mr. Punch followed the crowds to the seaside.

The amount of detail can be varied for different age ranges and in response to the children.

London Punch provides access to puppets of historical significance, which the children are allowed to handle, and a final question and answer session is often highly productive.

As an avid collector of various kinds of puppet, David from London Punch can bring a selection of puppets to inspire a class who are studying puppets as toys, and give them some ideas about making their own puppets. Punch and Judy figures are of course glove puppets, but in the collection are ventriloquist's dummies, rod puppets, marionettes on strings, etc.

For more information

Phone: 07941 245 491