Globally-recognised LocknCharge provides innovative and time-saving solutions for managing and deploying your school mobile devices.

LocknCharge offers a solution to the growing problem of physically managing the deployment of mobile devices in classrooms and businesses around the world. LocknCharge is committed to making teachers’ lives easier by manufacturing high quality solutions for syncing, charging, transporting, securing and storing iPads, Chrome-books, tablets and other mobile devices. With unique features like a top loading design and Baskets by LocknCharge, our solutions are unlike anything else on the market.

Schools can get back crucial class time - it has been proven!  A recent video case study, produced by LocknCharge, found that you can save up to a staggering 70 hours of class time each year just by choosing a suitable device management system for iPads or other tablet devices. You can see the video here: https://www.lockncharge.com/eu/baskets-save-class-time/

The video was taken at the beginning of each lesson with a traditional style cabinet tablet storage cart. The traditional cart took 10 minutes and 3 seconds to complete deployment of 30 units. This was then repeated with a LocknCharge storage device, which took just 4 minutes and 50 seconds – saving a huge 5 minutes and 13 seconds out of just one lesson in teaching time, just by using their unique basket systems


“I used to be a Secondary School Maths teacher and we used to have another cart which made it a little difficult to organise the iPads and devices. It took about 5-10 minutes just to pass out the iPads, which when you have an hour in your lesson with your class, is a huge chunk of the day – almost 20%. LocknCharge carts however, especially with the baskets, cut deployment down to about 2 minutes. You just pass the baskets out to your students and that’s it - and the same thing at the end of the day. LocknCharge carts allowed me to get to the meat of what I was trying to do as a teacher which is transforming the learning for my students and get to the content.” Edward Simoneau, Education Technology Co-ordinator, Coachella School District

 “LocknCharge has listened to us, they’ve made adjustments to their products for us and they’ve been very supportive in responding to us. Their product is key to us protecting our investment in our technological devices, and in keeping them charged up and ready to go. And, it just makes life easier!” Dr Darryl Adams, Superintendant of Schools, Coachella School District

 “The biggest thing that we were looking for was something very easy-to-use for the kids and the students. It’s really made it so much easier, so much more manageable for teachers and it’s really saved on instructional time as well.” Jerry Johnson, Director of Technology, Muskegon Public Schools

 “Features that I love are that the cables are all down the bottom – you don’t have cables running everywhere. We also like that they could be anchored to the floor in the classroom if we needed to, and we really like the baskets. Instead of having all 30 students come to the cart to get devices, we set the baskets around the room so it makes it much easier for dispersing and collecting.” Russell Smithson, Instructional Technology Specialist



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