Engage children in ways both new and familiar with the best selling educational touchscreen

Designed for the classroom, Clevertouch is the number one front-of-class screen in the UK. What makes it so popular is the great connectivity options, the 5 year warranty, the simple to use interface, the innovative apps and software, and the highly experienced support.


Ranging in sizes from 55" to 86", Clevertouch is suitable for any sized classroom. Everything is built into the screen, with wireless connectivity allowing you to present content from your laptop, Chromebook, tablet or phone - all without the need for additional cables.


Software from Lynx and Snowflake give teachers the ability to easily plan and execute custom lessons, whilst the MultiTeach community contains hundreds of lessons that teachers from across the world have shared. Plus Series screens also benefit from the Cleverstore - the free app store with over 100 hand-picked, ad free, educational apps. And with Clevertouch software there are no subscription fees - it's free for the life of the product.



The new technology has undeniably had an impact on the classroom dynamic. It’s much easier to show work that has been created digitally very quickly. A teacher or child’s presentations can be shown on the screen, shared with the class for feedback and then the class can act on that feedback immediately using their own devices.

Lesson planning is easier with Clevertouch – teachers can access a range of curriculum based lesson activities and content using Snowflake software, which is brilliant and can be tailored to fit what’s being taught in class.

Andrew Pridmore, Headteacher at Elizabeth Woodville Primary School, Leicester

We really wanted something that was going to make the teaching a more pleasurable experience and the learning a more pleasurable experience.

Theresa Clarke, Principal at Scoil Aonghusa, Dublin

The Clevertouch trainers helped to ensure a smooth transition as we switched from using SmartBoards to Clevertouch, helping our staff to fully optimise the interactive technology and this meant we could really excite and engage the children and improve their learning outcomes.

Brian Storey, Headteacher at Church End Lower School, Bedfordshire

The system is innovative in its ease of use for teachers, offering speed and simplicity of connection to the interactive screen.  Clevertouch worked with us as a partner, helping us to find solutions that weren’t off the shelf and achieved what we wanted.

Tim Rocke, Schools ICT Commissioner for Telford and Wrekin Council

Since the install I have seen many benefits to using Clevertouch.  Our teachers have reported that the technology has helped them to create exciting lessons and that student engagement has improved.  I am delighted with the impact the technology is having at our school.

Karen Norton, Headteacher at Junction Farm Primary School

Their faces light up when they use them.  It was amazing seeing them run in to class the morning after the Clevertouch screens had been installed saying “have you seen our screen, have you seen our screen?” They were really excited. Clevertouch haven’t just built a good presentation touchscreen, they’ve built a screen for education and the software reflects that because it’s so easy to use and adaptable.

Stephen Hawke, Assistant Head and ICT Coordinator at Grafton Primary School, Dagenham

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