Where Curriculum meets Careers FutureFIT resources help link classroom knowledge to future learning and employment.

FutureFIT is a series of video resources that will help students to link the knowledge and skills they are learning in the classroom to future learning and employment opportunities.

FutureFIT have engaged a fantastic range of contributors from industry and higher education to talk about their experience and careers, to inspire and empower our students on their career journey.

FutureFIT is part of a stable and embedded programme of school career education and guidance, and particularly supports delivery of the following Gatsby Benchmarks:

  • Benchmark 4 - Linking curriculum learning to careers

  • Benchmark 5 - Encounters with employers and employees

  • Benchmark 7 - Encounters with further and higher education

The Programme includes:

  • A range of promotional materials, such as posters, digital slide decks, social media branding

  • A series of 8 Introductory video resources, designed to provide key scaffolding information

  • A suite of over 150 Subject-level video resources, aligned to curriculum learning outcomes from Y7-13, across 10 Subjects (English, Mathematics, Science, Modern Foreign Languages, Computer Science, Art, Dance and Drama, Music, Geography and History), with more videos and subjects added each year.

  • An Evaluation programme to measure impact and gather feedback on the programme.

  • A dedicated team on hand to help, with visits to schools available upon request.

Each resource is between 3-5 minutes long and explicitly identifies the Subject learning outcome it is aligned to. They therefore fit neatly into normal lesson plans and can be used to enhance learning points and provide an alternative, future-focused lens through which students can understand their learning and visualise "possible selves".

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"I really enjoyed this lesson, I already knew what I wanted to be but this just made my definitive decision a lot easier!"

"Absolutely love the videos and ideas behind them. The curriculum ones are excellent and will seamlessly be embedded into the curriculum."

"A great idea – linking their experience of GCSE content to real-life jobs."

"It's really helping me get a clearer view on things my future job will entail... I even recommended the start website to my friend who was unsure about what he wanted to do and he loved it, so thank you."

"Thank you for sharing the short films – they are really high quality and look professional."

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