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Fenland Leisure has over 25 years experience in the manufacture and creation of inspirational outdoor play spaces for schools and nurseries across the UK.

At FLP we believe we can help by providing you with school's playground equipment that stimulates children's minds, builds their strength and is safe and fun in the meantime. As your children grow and continue through the Key Stages then so do our products.

When choosing FLP to design, manufacture and install your new design you will benefit from the following; An in-house designing and manufacturing team who take your project ideas and bring them to life creating an inspirational bespoke play solution. The addition of spot colour within our structures using HDPE material can provide further fun and attraction. 

An independent family owned company who have been designing, manufacturing and installing play solutions in Schools and Nurseries, Parks, Leisure Amenities & Local Authorities for 25 continuous years.  All the members of our installation and groundworks team are directly employed by FLP.  ISO9001 - Quality Assurance and ISO45001 - Health & Safety Accredited

Don't just take our word for it, come and see for yourself. As we operate an open manufacturing environment, we would be more than happy for you to arrange a visit to our offices and workshop here in Cambridgeshire. Finally, we are an API (Association of Play Industries) member, giving you complete faith, you have chosen the correct supplier. Benefits include a Professional Code of Conduct, Financially secure and strict compliance to all the relevant safety standards.

Educational Equipment designed with children in mind. Our school's playground equipment has been designed with the Key Stage principles in mind. Providing you with Key Stage specific playground equipment that aids your children to continue the learning process, even at playtime. For more than 25 years, FLP have been manufacturing and installing a diverse range of school's playground equipment.  

Encouraging Key Stage Play We design our school's playground equipment to combine both outdoor play and learning. We understand the need to help you to encourage your children to follow the Key Stages of Education, from Early Years and through the Key Stages even at break times. Child development is so important, and it all starts in their Early Years. Children can learn so much through interaction as they play with each other in the playground.   Our wide range of children's trim trail playground obstacle course equipment enables schools and councils to create their own, bespoke Trim Trails. By combining different pieces of trim trail equipment, you can help children to develop a range of physical skills. We have balance bars, climbing nets, log climbers, chin up and dips bars, jungle bars, striding posts, a selection of wobbly bridges and lots of other obstacles to choose from.

Free Consultation Take advantage of our free quotation and consultation service and start planning your new play area with Fenland Leisure today. www.fenlandleisure.co.uk sales@fenlandleisure.co.uk Twitter: @FenlandLeisureP Facebook: @fenlandleisure LinkedIn: Fenland Leisure