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We'll help you turn less money into more books. With decades of experience in the education sector, BookLife bring enthusiasm, knowledge and passion to the world of children's books. Our philosophy is simple: to grow a lifelong love of reading by selecting and creating engaging, exciting children's books that are fun enough to engage and informative enough to educate the readers of tomorrow.

Who we are...

With over 50 years of experience working in the education sector, we here at BookLife aim to bring knowledge, passion and enthusiasm to children's literature. Our simple philosophy is to select engaging, imaginative and informative books that will inspire curious young minds and engender a lifelong love of reading.

What we do

Our team of educational experts create, hand-pick and individually assess a huge range of books to ensure that we promote only the very best curriculum-focussed literacy and topic resources. It's our job to create and compile quality resources that are able to fulfil the constantly-changing needs of today's teachers, saving you both time and money. In order to ensure that the products we promote enable teachers to cover the diverse range of topics in current curriculums, we here at BookLife publish innovative and exciting children's books based on our own research of curriculum guidelines and OFSTED inspection criteria.

BookLife Publishing

From its very infancy, BookLife's first and foremost goal has been to publish innovative, original and engaging books for children. Our decision to begin publishing originated from the belief that the current marketplace was lacking in inspired and engaging educational content. Over the past two years, BookLife's dynamic energy has been channelled towards creating truly original and engaging content, enlivened by innovative and striking graphic design. It is this creative synergy that inspires each and every one of the books we produce and, most importantly, engages curious, young readers to want to make sense of the world in which they live.

Match Funding

BookLife's Match Funding scheme offers a wealth of fiction and non-fiction reading material for children of all ages and abilities, including bookbanded collections, accelerated readers and well-known author sets. The Match Funding scheme allows schools to double up on book resources - for every pound a school spends with BookLife, they will receive another pound for free to spend on even more school books and resources.  

"Using the matched funding I have been able to double the amount of books I could buy for my school which will help all of our children enjoy reading for pleasure."- Katharine Jordan, Milton Park Primary School

"A great initiative, true value for money and I'm sure we will take full advantage of your 'up to moment' topic packs to enhance the delivery of the curriculum." - Mike Smith, Roman Way First School

"In a time of limited budgets looking for savings that do not have a detrimental impact on the school is always at the forefront of every head's mind. The Booklife Match Funding scheme has helped to buy quality books at a time when resources are very limited."-Jane Harris, Edinburgh Primary School   

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