Sponsorship for SEN students' road safety training

Image: ABPPhotography/thinkstock.co.uk

A special school in Birmingham sought support from sponsors to create an 'independent travel' training area.

Annette Butler, Fundraising Administrator, Queensbury School, Birmingham (242 pupils): 'When I became Fundraising Administrator for a SEN School in Birmingham, one of our projects was to create an ‘independent travel’ training area on the playground for our SEN pupils. It would be unfeasible to take our children straight out on the roads, therefore we needed a controlled and safe environment.

It was clear from searching for grants that it would be difficult for us to meet the criteria because the project was so specific. The obvious next step was to look at sponsorship. Fortunately, we did secure sponsorship for the portable pedestrian crossings and the road markings, with two companies, Preformed Marking and Pike Signals, donating their services to make bespoke resources at no cost. This saved us £11,500. The extra benefit is that we have begun ongoing relationships with these businesses, and the children have a valuable resource in their school that will drastically increase their life skills. What’s more, one of the businesses has offered the children tours of their factory, again free of charge.'