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The Crowdfunding Handbook

donating money

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From preparing your project to thanking donors, this guide gives a valuable overview of all the steps you need to consider.

Our aim with this short handbook is to explain the crowdfunding processes, and provide the basic structure and advice to get you started. We hope it stimulates you to think creatively about new ways to engage with your existing community whilst tapping into new audiences.

Businesses and local community groups often want to support their local school, but don't know who to approach or how they can help. Crowdfunding enables your school to very easily let everyone know what you are raising funds for and how much you need – you just need to tell them! Supporters can then identify whether it's a project close to their interest areas and decide if, and how much, they are willing to pledge. Offer inexpensive rewards as an incentive to drive a £5 pledge to £10 or a £250 pledge to £550…

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