Smooga provides portable multi-use games areas for school playgrounds. A unique and proven solution to get children being more active, more often.

Smooga provides portable and flexible multi-use games areas (MUGAs) for playgrounds and playing fields. They can be any size, meaning that most sports and games can be played in a ‘Smooga’. You can move them, change the size and shape, adapt them to suit different games and activities. Smooga is a new and unique way of managing your outside space.

Smooga removes conflicts in the playground, making better use of available space and creating safer environments for all – whether inside or outside the Smooga area. Does football dominate your playground? It doesn’t have to!

Smooga improves your PE environment, promotes skills development, higher levels of inclusion, fun, excitement and engagement.

Smooga equipment is versatile and inclusive - used in schools all over the country for:

  • Hockey,
  • Handball,
  • Football,
  • Movement and dance,
  • Scooting,
  • Drama,
  • Roller-blading,
  • Cricket and much more.


'Since having the Smooga, less children have been injured and it is easier to manage children in the playground.  It has significantly cut down playground incidents.'
Chris Stewart, Head Teacher, Totley Primary School, Sheffield

'We use the Smooga for football, hockey and netball.  We have also created a maze for the children which they absolutely loved.”“There are less accidents now we have the Smooga in terms of bumped heads of children in addition to staff who have lunch time duty.'
Marie Chadwick, School Business Manager, Garswood Primary School, St Helens

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