Recipe for Change


Midday Supervisor training helps improve children’s behaviour and concentration by creating a better lunchtime experience.

Lunchtime is when large numbers of children let off steam. When there’s lots of food to be served and eaten in a very short time and, playing on a crowded tarmac surface, there’s often fallings out, fallings over and accidental collisions.

So what should Midday Supervisors do to manage this stressful scenario, ensure incidents are de-escalated and avoid school leaders spending management time sorting them out in the afternoon?

Recipe for Change runs Midday Supervisor (MDS) training and whole-school consultations to improve lunchtime provision and make sure the behaviour policy is consistently implemented.

What are the benefits?

  • Make sure sanctions and rewards at lunchtime are effectively implemented.
  • Fewer lunchtime incidents occur when schools are focused on creating a calm and relaxing dining room environment.
  • When children eat together, eat better and engage in good conversation, their readiness to learn in afternoon lessons improves.
  • Afternoon lessons get started on time when children aren’t distracted by unresolved lunchtime incidents.
  • Reduce school leadership involvement in managing lunchtime incidents.

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