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Pupils Profit offer Enterprise Toolkits to schools to enable children to set up simple businesses which include a Healthy Tuck Shop and a Stationery Shop. We also offer ranges of products to be sold in these businesses.

Pupils Profit Enterprise Initiatives offer sustained learning opportunities for children to promote health, and develop confidence and business acumen, as well as soft business skills.  They will practice maths in many guises, from handling money to analysing data.  The Enterprise Training & Resources Toolkit uses high quality template-based training modules, to enable children to plan their business, present their business plan to their Head Teacher for sign off, apply for specific job roles, and to learn how to operate their business.  The product ranges make a contribution to school life; the healthy tuck shop range allows older children to promote healthy eating to their school community, and the Stationery Shop range includes a collection of eco friendly products such as scented pencils made from recycled newspapers, and pencil cases made from recycled car tyres!

About how the children enjoyed the Enterprise Training?
Throughout the sessions, the children were engaged, enthusiastic and excited about beginning their business venture independently. Each session taught the children a real-life skill, whilst ensuring that a range of areas of the curriculum were covered - from Maths to PSHE.
About the impact of the healthy tuck shop
Nothing had been as successful as this. The Tuck Shop is always busy and the range of snacks available has proved extremely popular with both children and staff.

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