Living Streets


Living Street's Walk one a Week programme encourages families to walk to school, while tackling obesity, congestion, pollution and road incidents.

This hugely successful initiative is just one part of a wider engagement programme for schools. It forms part of a national walk to school campaign, which also includes Walk to School Week and a new one day event Happy Shoesday.

As well as these behaviour change programmes, Living Streets conducts school route audits and can work with you to promote change to the streets surrounding your school, creating safer, quieter and more pleasant routes for children to walk.

The Park and Stride schemes create opportunities for those living further away from the school to walk part of their journey and keep the school gates from becoming congested.

Living Streets' Walk once a Week scheme is a proven, low-cost initiative that gets more children walking to school on a regular basis.

WoW helps to:

  • Reduce inactivity,
  • Reduce congestions,
  • Reduce pollution,
  • Reduce road incidents¬†
  • Reduce obesity.

For more information

Phone: 020 7377 4900