Fundraising Stamps

We buy recycled stamps from charities and school PTAs like yours.

Whether you are an old hand at stamp recycling or it's a new opportunity, it offers a great way to boost your funds.

 What do we buy?

• Any stamps recently collected from your post by cutting or tearing off envelopes

• Everyday 1st and 2nd class and

both British and foreign are ok

• No more than 1cm of envelope left around each stamp

What do we pay?

£11 per kilo and stamps can be sent to us FREE direct from your group or individual supporters.

There is no requirement to separate out the foreign stamps from the British stamps but, those groups with the time can earn more money by doing so.

The price paid per kilo for foreign stamps is £20 provided that they are free of British stamps.

Request our free post envelopes by completing the online form or contact Paul Roebuck at or call 07599 830966.