Fawns understands the challenge of creating an outdoor learning environment that offers opportunities for school children to flourish.

Fawns design and build a wide range of school and nursery playground equipment for all ages and abilities whether you're looking for a climbing frame for a junior school playground, or open-ended role play resource for early years.

Fawn's playground equipment is designed to create the perfect place for school children to play and learn in safety. Designed and built with areas for role-play, and space to help set their imaginations free, while also keeping them moving, climbing, running and jumping – all the exercise they need to help keep them fit and healthy.

  • Action and imagination
  • SEN equipment
  • Activity and role play
  • Activity panels
  • Playground fencing
  • Fitness and adventure
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Shades and shelters
  • Sports and games
  • Playground surfaces

For more information

Website: fawns.co.uk
Phone: 01252 515199