Evolve is a social impact company that is transforming academic success by addressing the health and wellbeing of pupils.

Evolve is a social impact company that is pioneering ways of transforming the next generation; fuelling education success and empowering pupils to take charge of their health, happiness, learning and fulfilment.

As Headteachers and policy makers start to understand the direct relationship between health and educational success, schools are demanding grassroots solutions to drive achievement. This is a movement that’s bigger than just physical education or classroom support, it’s about changing the way we support pupils by bringing together health, wellbeing, individual mentoring and personal development.

Since 2003, Evolve has been at the forefront of this growing movement. Using qualified Health Mentors and a range of innovative programmes that cover education, behaviour and health, Evolve has helped pupils succeed across the country.

Evolve helps advance children’s academic achievement by delivering programmes that bring together mentoring, physical activity and classroom support.

Pupils who are active, happy, healthy, confident and engaged are in the right frame of mind to learn. Evolve nurtures meaningful relationships with pupils to support their health, wellbeing and personal development so that they can engage within the classroom.


'Health Mentor Amie Richards has been working within my classroom during 2014/15, supporting the children with behavioural issues and learning difficulties.  She has always conducted herself with the up most professionalism and over the course of the year has developed a strong rapport with the children in my class.   Amie was often able to diffuse volatile situations with a calm and a level headedness, which is one of her main strengths and attributes.  She was also very supportive with the children’s learning and helped numerous children in Numeracy lessons.  The majority of the children supported by Amie made good progress. Amie’s dedications, passion and enthusiasm for the job is clear to see and she will be an asset in any classroom…'
Dr. Choudhury, Head of Year 4, Benson Community School, Birmingham

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