Chaos Created


Chaos Created runs coding workshops, teaching programming to UK primary and secondary school pupils (and teachers too!).

Chaos Created runs coding workshops for primary and secondary school pupils, and can help teachers get to grip with programming and app development, too. The goal is to make coding, and app development, fun and accessible.

Chaos Created runs:

  • Half- and full-day workshops for individual classes, or for larger groups,
  • Hour-long lessons (on a regular or semi-regular basis),
  • Training for teachers (on inset days or when convenient).

Learn the principals of coding, get technical know-how, and discover the practical side of app development and getting ideas to market.

Chaos Created has a wide range of workshops focussing on app and game development, which can be tailored for your class or group based on their age and coding experience.

The most popular workshop is Games Development where the basics of coding are taught, then a simple game is built in the afternoon, uploading the results to the app store so the class can show off their work to family and friends! This workshop is suitable for pupils with absolutely no coding experience.

Chaos Created also work with the BBC micro:bit with a new workshop, creating some simple apps and games to run on the device.

Workshops and lessons are designed to suit pupils of all ages.

For more information

Phone: 0845 299 0714