Chameleon Create

Chameleon Create Group has 20 plus year experience in digital printing, winning multiple awards for quality, innovation and finishing techniques

We are the only company offering gold and silver foiling for our products adding the perfect finishing touch. Pupils are not limited by mixed media we encourage the use of cotton wool, googly eyes to metallics and glitter.
With our online solution for our Christmas card project you have less admin as the organiser. Parents and pupils are able to upload their own images and personalise their products completely. With the online service all payments are taken directly from the parent securely.
For our Leavers Project we offer two products. Autograph Books and Mugs Competitively priced, these products are the perfect gifts for your school leavers. Free foiling is an option you could add to your autograph books. A professional finish that no one else offers.
Why not order both products and present them to the children in a personalised gift box.