CBiS Education


CBiS Education provides resources that enable and support teachers with innovation, engineering and computing.

Corporate Business Information Systems (CBiS) provides a mixture of products and services to support the teaching of innovation, engineering and computing. The versatile resources combine powerful STEM and STEAM processes, with fun, powerful, yet comprehensive, technology that has a real-world perspective. The solutions are proven to maximise engagement and impact with students of all ages and abilities.

The recently-launched Cardboard2Code modules are mapped to the various aspects of the Design Technology and Computing curriculums, and is a fun and engaging way to learn complex tasks such as programming.

Accompanying the education kits, CBiS Education provides an online resource portal, packed with content and resources, such as lesson ideas, worksheets, handouts and videos, which can be accessed at any time. Kits include:

  • Robotic Arm Education Kit
  • Robotic Car Kit
  • Emotiv Mind Controller
  • Cardboard2Code


CBiS Education use practical ways to engage students in both primary and secondary education using student programmed robotic kits, which makes the computing curriculum more fun and accessible both to teachers and students. CBiS Education encourages and supports the introduction of an after school club using joint teacher and student workshops. Various workshops are available which demonstrate the pure engagement capacity of the equipment, and can be a surefire way of understanding how to use the equipment in the classroom:

  •     Cardboard2Code – can be delivered in primary or secondary school – half day to full day sessions
  •     Want to move things with your mind? Use our Emotiv Education Kit – typically for secondary schools
  •     Enrichment days – these are custom-built workshops where CBiS Education hack other equipment using their kits
  •     Raspberry jams – these are based around the Raspberry Pi and are great STEAM events with lots of maker aspects

For more information

Website: cbis.education
Phone: 0844 870 0912