Art Projects for Schools offers imaginative ways to combine art, education and effective fundraising ideas for your school.

APFS has been providing art projects to primary schools throughout the UK and Europe since 1996. They offer a wide range of projects throughout the year that are designed to engage children, teachers and parents and we are proud of their educational and fundraising value.

Projects include:

  • The Christmas Card Project (Christmas cards made from children's designs)
  • The Calendar Project (& Academic Calendar)
  • The Schools Art Project (T-shirts, Shopper Bags and Mousemats)
  • The Children as Designers Project (Mugs)
  • The Leavers Gifts

Christmas project

Celebrate Christmas and get the creative juices flowing in your school by letting children design their very own Christmas cards which they can have professionally printed for parents, friends and family to treasure. The project gives children an opportunity to be creative and celebrates their efforts and achievement. The school also earns much-needed funds from the orders placed by parents.

Leavers' gifts

Leavers gifts are a wonderful way to send your school leavers onto pastures new with a lasting memento of their time at your school. Three leavers' gifts are available to purchase:

  • Leavers mugs – This 10oz white ceramic mug is available with a class photo on one side and school logo, together with 'Leavers 201X', on the other. Our mugs are durable, microwave and dishwasher friendly to ensure they can be cherished for a lifetime.
  • Autograph books – What better way for your leavers to remember all the people they shared their primary school years with than their very own autograph book. You can choose to have either a class photo or your school logo on the front cover of your order for autograph books. These are then supplied with 50 blank pages inside for collecting messages of good luck and fond farewells.
  • T-shirts – Your pupils will love a T-shirt which carries the school name and their leaver's year on the back with a class photo or school logo on the front. A popular idea is for the children to use their t-shirt to collect signatures and messages from friends.


'Just a quick note to say thank you for our Christmas cards. I distributed them to the classes this morning and there were a lot of excited children showing them off to parents on the playground when school finished. The cards are lovely and we look forward to placing an order with you next year. Thanks again.'
Vicky Martin, PTA, Ellesmere Primary School

'Just a quick note to say that we have received the cards back and I think they are great! They will go to the parents next week and I am sure they will be equally impressed. Thank you all for your swift turn around, communications and great customer service. It has been easy and a pleasure to work with you.'
Sarah Ryder, Caterpillars Pre-School

Yearbook project

The simple to run and extremely rewarding Yearbook Project will give teachers and pupils great joy in creating a lasting memento together, which can be looked back on for years to come. Art Projects for Schools provide everything you need to produce your own yearbook, from inspiring classroom activity ideas to free yearbook design software with design templates included.

For more information

Website: apfs.org.uk/
Phone: 0800 027 1939