Altuity Solutions Ltd


Cloud-based asset and maintenance management software for schools. Highly visual and easy to use, with flexible licensing.

‘Simplicity from complexity’ is our approach to providing business managers and bursars with software for managing premises and assets. Our software can help you if you face any of these challenges:

  • Managing assets such as buildings, equipment and critical infrastructure
  • Tracking and scheduling inspections and routine maintenance
  • Managing renewals e.g. contracts, leases, insurances
  • Want better access to using mobile devices to save time and costs
  • Want to improve your dashboard analytics and reporting capability
  • Limited budget and limited or no in-house IT capability
  • Need to manage one or more schools e.g. in a Multi-Academy Trust

AltoSites is a cloud based solution which uses maps and / or site and floor plans as the intelligent background to manage your data. This highly visual interface ensures the software is quick to learn and enables you to rapidly get value from it. We offer tiered pricing so that you only pay for what you need and cater for all sizes of institution.

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